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McLaren Formula One Provide an Update on Their Quarantined Members

McLaren Formula One Provide an Update on Their Quarantined Members


Last week, McLaren got a huge scare when one of their employees tested positive for the dreaded coronavirus. As a result, they pulled out of the Australian Grand Prix, which later got cancelled. Soon, the team confirmed that the people who were in touch with the employee also got quarantined.

Soon, there was good news for the Woking outfit as the infected team member pulled through and recovered. Furthermore, the other quarantined members went to get tested. Now, McLaren has recently confirmed seven of its race team members who were tested, returned with negative results.

To make matters even better, all of them are doing well and in high spirits. Meanwhile the rest of the crew banded together to ensure that their comrades’ quarantine is a little more comfortable.

In total, 16 members of the team were placed in quarantine. Of them, 14 members came into close contact with the infected team member. Meanwhile, an additional team member developed coronavirus symptoms over the weekend.


How is McLaren tackling the problem?

As a precaution, these team members will remain in self-isolation for another week to honour the 14-day grace period. The two-week isolation came on the request and advice of the Australian medical authorities. In yet another show of solidarity, three members of senior management stayed behind for the duration, including team principal Andreas Seidl.

When he spoke about McLaren’s situation, CEO Zak Brown said, “I’m proud of how the whole team, both in Australia and back at base, handled the situation in a moment of real pressure and concern for their colleagues.”

“The focus, calmness and professionalism was outstanding across the team. We had leaders stepping up everywhere and that is testament to our people.”

Meanwhile, Seidl admitted, “We appreciate our fellow teams in the paddock, who offered immediate help on Friday to dismantle the garage and pack the freight, which was obviously a challenge for us missing 14 of our core guys. This is the spirit of F1 and racing we all embrace.”

For now, McLaren and all 9 of its rivals are impatiently waiting for the season to begin and break in the 2020 cars.

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