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“It’s Risky”: Daniel Ricciardo Ditches “Junkie” Lewis Hamilton for Road Trip With Lando Norris

Published 09/29/2023, 7:11 AM EDT

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Who is that one driver that comes to your mind when you think of adventure? It’s probably Lewis Hamilton. Lando Norris is arguably not even in the Top 5 when you think about it. Someone who doesn’t like to eat Sushi, plays golf, and streams online a lot doesn’t seem like the kind of person one would want to go on an adventure with. Daniel Ricciardo however, in a surprising turn of events revealed how he would pick Lando Norris over Lewis Hamilton for a road trip. But why?

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Lewis Hamilton is known for his off-track shenanigans and adventure during the off time and adventure. The Briton would go surfing and skydiving at every given opportunity. Hamilton even referred to himself as an “adrenaline junkie” during an interview as he craves the high adrenaline rush that one gets from racing. However, Daniel Ricciardo, whose bromance never bloomed with Lando Norris during the McLaren days, thinks the 23-year-old could be incredible as a road-trip partner. But why?


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Explaining his reason for the same, Daniel Ricciardo in a recent interview said, “It’s risky saying someone who hasn’t been a teammate because I guess I don’t know them too well. So I’d probably have to go with someone that’s been a teammate… even someone like Lando. We were teammates for two years. I think the first year was very different to the second year. I think the second year we got to know each other a lot better.”

“So I think on that, knowing that if we spent a lot of time together in a car and confined space maybe that would blossom even more.” Daniel is this social butterfly of the F1 paddock who fits in an awesome way with Lando as a partner-in-crime. So one wonders what kind of crazy fun would the former McLaren duo undertake on their road trip!

Many would still wonder why Daniel Ricciardo picked Lando Norris. The two never had a bond like Norris and Sainz have. While Norris and Sainz’s bromance was on a different level, it doesn’t mean that Riccardo had a bad relationship with Norris, as the Brit cleared up.

Lando Norris rubbishes speculations of friction with Daniel Ricciardo


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With a cheerful personality like Daniel Ricciardo joining McLaren, many expected the bromance between Norris and Ricciardo to bloom. While it wasn’t what the expectations were, it doesn’t necessarily mean that Norris and Ricciardo hated each other. Ricciardo even said in the same interview that his relationship with the Briton would bloom even more if they spent time together in a car traveling. Toward the end of last year. Norris rubbished all the claims of friction with Ricciardo. 

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According to the Race, Lando Norris said, “It just frustrates me when I see people trying to make it look like we hate each other or that we don’t like each other, or have fun or whatever. I hate that people think that because there’s not been one case where that’s been the truth.”


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Roadtrip or not, with Daniel Ricciardo back in the paddock, there will be more bromance moments between the Aussie & Norris. What do you think about the former McLaren duo’s bond?

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