Trendsetter Lando Norris’ World Comes Full Circle as Juniors From Former Karting Team Idolize Him

Published 01/25/2024, 4:30 AM EST

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Every Formula 1 driver has the power to influence millions of people because of the massive platform they stand on. Some drivers use their platform knowingly and try to raise awareness about various issues. However, some influence an entire generation unknowingly, and Lando Norris is a prime example of that. Let us explain!

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We’re not sure if he’s camera shy or if the McLaren man just likes to pose like that for photos. However, Norris has a particular style of posing in most of the photos he posts on social media. He proved that with his latest Instagram post, as we see Norris strike his trademark pose in snow-capped mountains somewhere in the French Alps. As it turns out, the most sought-after Brit in F1 now has become a trendsetter for young karting drivers.

Norris’s head down-hands behind the back-stand straight in the middle of the frame pose is being copied by young karting drivers part of the Ricky Flynn Motorsports team. An Instagram post on the team’s page highlighted this as their driver’s pose like Norris. The post has higher significance for two reasons.


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First, Norris is a former driver for the team. He became a part of Ricky Flynn’s team during his karting days and even won the CIK-FIA World Championship in KF class. This made him the youngest karting world champion in that category.

Second, the Brit recognized and even appreciated this trend himself. Norris commented, “Hahahah so sickkk” on the post.

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As far as influence goes, we can call this a “sickkk” one from Norris on the upcoming generation of karting drivers, especially at Ricky Flynn Motorsports. Although not just Norris, a host of fans appreciated this trend and the Brit in the comments of the post.

Fans sing paise of Lando Norris as he becomes a positive influence on young karting drivers

The fans appreciated not only Norris’s influence but also the drivers copying his pose. Some fans hope he will carry the pose with him during his future championship celebration as well.

“I hope this will be his championship pose”


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While some fans joked after DJ, Norris has to add trendsetter to his resume thanks to his influence and his likeness.

“adding trendsetter to his resume”

“Starting trends is his thing 😂”

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“I think they like him 🥹”

“@landonorris setting trends 😮‍💨”

There were also some who believed the Brit was the next best thing and called him the greatest.


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“It’s just because @landonorris is a real goat 🐐”

It’s interesting to see how easily the Brit has included the next generation of drivers. It should give him motivation to do this more often and enable young drivers to be their best.



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