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WATCH: Under Observation in Hospital, Lando Norris’ Jittery Footage Leaves Fans Anxious

Published 11/19/2023, 3:56 AM EST

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via Reuters

A heart-pounding Las Vegas GP threw a curveball that left fans and McLaren team members on edge. The action-packed race took an unexpected turn when Lando Norris faced a startling mishap. Just when the race was heating up, four laps in.

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Norris’s McLaren, a machine lately synonymous with precision and speed, took a wild spin. Consequentially crashing into the barriers, the impact was so severe that it sent shockwaves across the track, leaving viewers worldwide holding their breath.

Lando Norris’ Las Vegas GP: What happened?


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It was a technical snag–the rear end losing grip, spiraling out of control. This wasn’t just a slide off the track; it led to a dramatic crash, with Norris’s car spinning into the barriers and slamming into the wall. In the tweet, Norris can be seen visibly shaken and disoriented.

The aftermath of this crash was immediate and intense. The Safety Car made its appearance. Offering some relief, Norris’s voice crackled over the team radio, a reassurance of his well-being. Yet, the crash warranted a hospital visit – a precautionary step.


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The incident shook a plethora of fans alike, and the reactions came flowing over on X.

Fans react to Lando Norris’ Las Vegas GP crash

Starting with what every fan and person involved would pray for:

It’s clear that fans are deeply invested in the safety and success of their favorite drivers:

Another tweet highlighted concerns about track and driver safety, stating that the treatment of these aspects over the weekend was ‘absolutely disgusting:’

It is such strong reactions that reflect the passionate community around this sport:

We all hope that Lando is okay and that any impact from the incident is minimal:

It’s disheartening to hear about any issues affecting a driver, especially when it’s evident in their voice:


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This insight is quite valuable in understanding the physical reactions, like shaking, a reminder of the intense pressures and risks in motorsports. Such knowledge helps to soothe, somewhat:


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Lando Norris’s crash vividly reminds us of the risks inherent in motorsport. This incident has resonated deeply within the racing community, sparking a wave of concern and discussion about driver safety and the sport’s unpredictable nature. As we move forward, this event will serve as a pivotal moment for reflection and learning. The focus now turns to Norris’s recovery and the collective hope for safer, yet equally thrilling future races.

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