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With Eyes on $240,000,000 Extravaganza, Oscar Piastri’s Mother Respectfully Declines Zak Brown’s Enticing Offer

Published 09/23/2023, 10:45 AM EDT

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Oscar Piastri is quickly becoming a rapid superstar in the Formula 1 circles. The young Australian licked the stamp and sent it today at the Japanese Grand Prix qualifying event. However, while he was busy showing his experienced teammate, Lando Norris how it’s done at the Suzuka International Circuit, a very wholesome dynamic was brewing between his mother and McLaren CEO Zak Brown.

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Brown masterminded Piastri’s arrival to Woking as he poached the ex-F2 champion from the clutches of bitter rivals, Alpine. Naturally, he is somewhat of a father figure for the young Aussie in the sport. That being said, no one can replace your mother, least of all when your mother is Nicole Piastri!

The hilariously heartwarming exchange between Zak Brown and Piastri’s mother goes viral


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After Piastri’s mother Nicole complained about the skyrocketing airline ticket prices to Japan, Zak Brown told Sky, “I’m very happy to buy her an airline ticket. So if you can get here Mrs. Piastri, we want to see you tomorrow,” as Piastri is set to start from the front-row after an awe-inspiring Q3 effort.

But Nicole Piastri would rather hold on to witness the $240,000,000 spectacle F1 has in store for us all. She quickly replied from her personal Twitter account and wrote, … thank you for the kind offer @ZBrownCEO but I think it’s best that I have my anxiety attack in the comfort of my own home. I do however intend to have mastered the art of meditation in time for the Vegas GP though…”


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Mama Piastri Makes Special Request to Make Peace With Son’s Dangerous Antics Days After Rueing Contract Extension

What’s more? Nicole Piastri’s motherly love for her son, mixed with some classic Aussie humor, has quickly propelled her to fandom on social media.

Oscar Piastri sarcastically congratulated by mother on the F1 extension

It was a no-brainer really, but finally, McLaren has announced that they have extended Piastri’s contract to run to through to the end of the 2026 season. Though she was surely elated, her response on Twitter went quickly viral.


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Nicole tweeted, “What!! So we are doing this for another 3 years???” as a response to McLaren’s announcement which at the time of writing has a massive 788.2k viewership.


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Are Oscar and Nicole the most adorable mother-son duo in the Formula 1 paddock?

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