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Mercedes follows a pattern of talking to their fans directly about the technical aspects of where they grow or lack. Even though the theme of the said debriefs has been rather gloomy, the show goes on. Lewis Hamilton was visibly upset when he had to drive the same sluggish nightmare from last year at the Bahrain GP. He even went on record saying that the team should have listened to him and subsequently taken accountability. The team probably has finally understood the man but has said the changes cannot be made overnight.

The unconventional zeropod design has only helped Mercedes achieve a no-win streak. If a new viewer looked at the tattered state of the Silver Arrows, they wouldn’t be able to believe that this is the same team that dominated the hybrid era left, right, and center. And while the hopes with the Brackley team were high after the strides made towards the end of the last season but the fans and their champion Lewis Hamilton still stay disappointed in 2023. Trackside Engineering Director Andrew Shovlin explained the shortcomings and promised a better machine but with a caveat.


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While answering whether the team considers changing the concept of the car this season, Shovlin said, “People have tended to use the word concept when they mean the sidepod design and Toto had said recently that we are looking at the revision to that. That’s gonna come along in the next few races, anyway.”

He further added, ” Now, given the gap to the front, of course, we are going to look at bigger departures, more radical changes. But those changes take time to turn into a faster solution in the wind tunnel. So you can’t do them overnight. There is quite a lot of development that you’ve got do around any sort of big change in geometry in that area.”

But what happens if the Silver Arrows don’t pull up their socks? Will they stand to lose the 7x champion? Only time will tell, but an ex-F1 driver turned-pundit has warned the Brackley outfit.

Mercedes warned to match up to Lewis Hamilton’s caliber

Ex-Red Bull driver, Mark Webber, who is also Oscar Piastri’s manager, has fired warnings for the team. The Australian has stated that Lewis Hamilton is still a race-winner and the most successful man in the history of the sport, so what is lacking is the race-winning car. And Mercedes needs to do something about it.


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The Aussie was quoted by Planet F1 as saying, “Because honestly, Lewis’ trophy cabinet is not in question, he’s a winner, he can still win. I think he’s got an immense motivation, but this industry is about, for him now, he wants performance, and he knows the technical details of these things [cars] is not the work of an overnight technical revelation that they’re going to pull out one day to the next and find that performance.”

He also went on to add, “He will give everything, but the Tom Brady’s of this world, the people that he looks up to, long careers, I think he will take great advice before he makes a decision, and I don’t think it’ll be a rushed decision, but Merc have got to pull their socks up.”


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What do you think about Mercedes’s progress and upgrade in the upcoming races? Can they turn it around?

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