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Mercedes F1 Boss Agrees to Human Error on Michael Masi’s Part in FIA Report

Published 03/20/2022, 10:35 AM EDT

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The findings of the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix are finally out and no doubt, it caused a stir. FIA published the report of the UAE race just hours before the first qualification of the season. The F1 governing body stated that the race direction had “human error”. This might have been caused due to “more pressure”, Toto Wolff believes.

The Mercedes team boss is of the opinion that direct communication with the race director has been extra hectic for Michael Masi. As of 2021, the team principals had direct access to race control during the live race.


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However, with new rules in place, the team principals will no longer be able to reach the race directors during the race. FIA implemented the decision after the infamous Abu Dhabi race controversy where Max toppled Lewis to claim his maiden F1 title.

Talking about this, the Austrian boss conveyed, “Decisions by race control can always cause controversy, and I believe that will always be the case. We wanted to provide a good show by broadcasting it, but the team principles started to talk a bit more and that was more pressure.”

How can F1 race direction be controversial at times?


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There have been a series of interactions between Red Bull and Mercedes hierarchy, with then-race director Michael Masi. The constant spree of calls at times can lead the race directors to make a controversial decision. Wolff seemed happy that this can no longer be practiced from 2022.

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As Toto already stated that the decisions taken by race control might be controversial. It also has the tendency to go for or against a team. In July 2021, when Lewis Hamilton knocked Max Verstappen out at Copse corner in Silverstone, Red Bull expected something more. Something more from the race control apart from that 10 seconds penalty.


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All in all, F1 is in a new season now, with new rules in race direction. Moreover, the safety car rule has been revamped to avoid repeating controversies like Abu Dhabi. It’ll now be interesting to see if 2022 brings about any new debate in the coming days.



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