Mercedes F1 Tease a Whacky New Intro for Drive to Survive Season 3

By 2 months ago

Drive to Survive is an extremely successful docu-series on the online streaming platform, Netflix. It basically focuses on tense weekends within the F1 Championship calendar. The series brings all the action through the week, moving into race weekends to the fans. Furthermore, it brings the drama on the tracks back to life.

Recently, the Mercedes Social Media team posted a video on Twitter teasing the series. A lightning-fast pit stop is usually the intro to the series. Mercedes has come up with a replica of the same and captioned the video saying, Just practicing for the new F1 Drive to Survive intro.”

A favorite among F1 fans far and wide, the series grabbed attention in its first two seasons. With its inception in 2019, it has delivered nerve-rattling episodes to motorsport fans all around the world.

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Hamilton to be filmed for Drive to Survive this weekend

Though the teams are extremely busy gearing up for another surprising week in Russia, there is always time for fun. Mercedes’ social media team has been extremely active in conducting interactive sessions between fans and team members. Recently, a Q&A session with Valtteri Bottas had gone viral where he explains his unique celebration style.

It was said that Hamilton along with Mercedes was to be filmed this weekend for the show. The cheeky tweet was in response to that news. Race fans around the globe are anticipating another cracking season on Drive to Survive after the first two were crackers.

The fact that Hamilton is on his way to break another one of Schumacher’s records is appalling. The English racer has defied all odds against him. Comimg from humble backgrounds, Hamilton displays his class in every single race. Furthermore, after the bizarre results at Monza, Hamilton had come out very strong at Mugello. Displaying nerves of steel, the racer again claimed the title.

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