Mercedes Hilariously Shut Down F1 Troll Over Lewis Hamilton Record

By 4 months ago

If you are a regular follower of Mercedes F1’s social media pages, you’d know that they have the best admins in the business. It seems as though Mercedes don’t only demand excellence on the track but even off it. And boy are their social media admins delivering as well as Lewis Hamilton does on the track. One of their latest bit of banter is an absolute classic.

On Sunday, Lewis Hamilton went past Michael Schumacher‘s record for the most podium finishes in F1. To honor his record-breaking 156th podium finish, Formula One’s Instagram account put up a list of the top 8 drivers with the most podiums in the sport’s history.

However, it seems not everyone was too happy with that list. One salty fan remarked that had the V8 era not ended, Sebastian Vettel would have been a 10-times world champion. Enter Mercedes’ Instagram admin.

They fired back with a hilarious tweet that read, “If our aunt had wheels, she’d be a bicycle.” How about that for a P1 finish. If there was ever to be a social media championship among F1 teams, we’d know who’d dominate there too.

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What Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton said after his record-breaking podium in Spain

Speaking at the post-race press conference, Hamilton said, “I don’t really know what to say to those things. It’s very strange, all of us drivers here grew up watching Michael and dreaming of one day being here.”

“(But) what is happening right now is far beyond what I had dreamed as a kid. I’m incredibly grateful for the opportunity that I’m given every day. Michael was obviously an incredible athlete and driver. So I’m just always really humbled and really honored to be mentioned in the same light as a driver like him. It’s pretty cool and I hope that the Hamilton family are proud also.”

This is not the only record that Lewis might break. He seems well set to equal Schumacher’s 7 championship titles this year and unless there is a miraculous change in fortunes for the other teams and drivers, Lewis may well set a new record for the highest number of F1 titles won by next year.

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