Ferrari Saved Lewis Hamilton From Retiring by Fueling “Obsession” to Dethrone Michael Schumacher, Claims Italian F1 Expert

Published 02/07/2024, 4:31 AM EST

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The shocking news of Lewis Hamilton joining Ferrari rattled the entire world and not just of F1. However, after the dust settled from the commotion of the news, many wondered what pushed the Brit to join the Italian team. What was the reason, the motivation, or even the factor behind this decision? Well, according to reputed Italian journalist Leo Turrini, it’s quite obvious!

The majority believes it because of the current state of the Mercedes car. Many also believed it was because of the German team’s unwillingness to offer Hamilton the contract he desired, which also led to a delay in the extension. However, in his latest column, Turrini spoke for the sect of the fans who believe Hamilton just wants to chase the eighth title and break Micheal Schumacher‘s record. This is why he’s moving to Ferrari and despite being 40 in 2025, isn’t thinking about retirement.

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In his latest column, Turrini writes, “In 2025, Hamilton at the age of 40, in Maranello, will face his last great challenge before retirement. A stimulus without which, without ifs or buts, he would have hung up his helmet. Overcoming Michael Schumacher…obsession. Hamilton would also become the first driver in history to win a World Championship with three different cars. The number 44 on the Red, whatever anyone says, is yet another chapter in a story that began in 1929 and which, in any case, will continue.” (Translated via Google)


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Hamilton has chased down almost every record by Schumacher. However, the biggest one still stands in his way. After 2021, we believe the desire is greater and this is why Turrini, among others including a Chelsea FC legend, believes Hamilton is moving to Ferrari.

However, he will be faced with the challenge of Charles Leclerc as his teammate. How will he fare against him? One expert has an answer.

F1 expert delivers their verdict on the upcoming Lewis Hamilton Vs Charles Leclerc rivalry

Leclerc has always been considered a future world champion and showcases glimpses of his quality one regular intervals. The current face of Ferrari is also considered the king of Saturdays, with his one-lap pace among the very best. There is no doubt Hamilton will face a challenge at the Italian team from Leclerc.

However, the Monegasque is also error-prone, which is a once-in-a-blue-moon occurrence with Hamilton. The Brit has exceptional race management and hardly ever lets up a lead. This is exactly why F1 expert Jolyon Palmer believes Hamilton will have the beating of Leclerc.


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“He has won 6 championships with them (Mercedes). But going to Ferrari where Leclerc is the golden boy, and he is so quick ‘Charles’, that that could be a really tough fuss for Hamilton to match Leclerc, I think particularly in qualifying pace,” confessed Palmer.

He added, “It really really that difficult for him to match Leclerc, if he can do it, that’s immediately a great start for him because, of his race pace and he is not error-prone all these things you can query against Leclercthat’s where Hamilton’s maturity will help a little bit more.”


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We can all agree that Hamilton is moving to Ferrari because he has his sights set on Schumacher’s record. Now, if Leclerc will hamper his plans remains to be seen.


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