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“George Russell’s So Stupid”: Amid Ongoing Drama, Fans Side With Lewis Hamilton After Shocking Details Surface

Published 09/26/2023, 3:30 AM EDT

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Apart from the usual result, the 2023 Japanese GP gave some interesting insights into the teams, especially Mercedes. We saw many teams levy team orders during the race. The Mercedes men were also instructed to swap, with George Russell giving up his position to Lewis Hamilton toward the end of the race. Hamilton was faster, and it was an obvious decision for the team, and despite Russell’s reluctance at first, he gave in eventually. However, before he did, the Brit argued with his team over the decision to invert positions, and fans also sided with Russell. However, that outlook has changed as additional details have emerged surrounding the scenario.

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Russell was arguing with his team over the decision to invert, as the main objective was to keep an oncoming Carlos Sainz at bay. The idea was to gather maximum points for the team and not let their chief rival at the moment Ferrari take any more than they needed to. However, Mercedes gave away points as Sainz overtook Russell soon after the swap.

However, the fans are not happy about Russell’s unnecessary back and forth on the radio, which proved to be too distracting. Let us tell you how it went.


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1:31:17 Marcus: “We’ll invert positions”
1:31:25 RUS: “Repeat?”
1:31:29 Marcus: “Okay, we’ll invert positions, we’ll invert position.”
1:31:45 RUS: “Why can’t we invert on the last lap?” “He just keeps the DRS just like last week.” “Let’s keep fighting for a bigger result.”
1:13:57 Marcus: “So it’s an instruction, George!”
1:32:13 RUS: “Yeah copy, I’ll do it on the main straight when I have DRS.”
1:32:28 RUS: “He got new tyres, is he able to overtake me?”
1:32:52 Marcus: “So this is an instruction, we will invert!”
1:32:53 RUS: “YES I HEAR YOU!”
1:32:55 RUS: “He’s not even close to me!”

“Embarrassing for Mercedes”: Toto Wolff’s Favoritism for Lewis Hamilton Over George Russell Lands Him in Hot Waters

Soon after Russell’s last radio message, Hamilton crossed him. The Brit could’ve been more focused on driving and defending his position instead of being on the radio.

This is exactly why the fans are now siding with Hamilton on the whole saga.

Fans side with Lewis Hamilton as George Russell’s childish behavior comes to light

The fans weren’t aware of the entire conversation between Russell and his trackside engineer. However, after this new information has come to light, the fans’ perspective toward the young Brit has changed.

The fans are name-calling Russell and also pointing out how his pointless argument cost him the position.


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Regardless of the unnecessary drama, the two are at least back on the same again about the common objective. It will be interesting to see if they will work together till the end of the season and keep hold of the P2 in the constructor’s table.

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