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Mercedes Title Sponsor Pledges its Help in the Fight Against COVID-19

Mercedes Title Sponsor Pledges its Help in the Fight Against COVID-19


Ahead of the 2020 Formula One season, reigning champions Mercedes partnered with multinational chemical brand, INEOS. Now, with all sports including Formula One, disrupted, courtesy the coronavirus pandemic, INEOS will help in providing relief. The brand promised to mass produce bottles of hand sanitiser to help prevent the spread of coronavirus.

INEOS will construct two purpose-built plants in the United Kingdom and Germany within the next 10 days. The idea is to produce one million bottles of hand sanitiser per month. They are confident that it will help combat the coronavirus pandemic, as the wave sweeps across the world.

INEOS will provide free issue product, in line with World Health Organisation (WHO) specifications. They will be shipped off to hospitals and the NHS in the UK. In addition to that, they will supply schools, places of work, pharmacies and supermarkets across Europe.

How is Mercedes and INEOS helping out?

“INEOS intends to produce both standard and the increasingly popular “pocket bottle” hand sanitisers and is already talking to retail outlets across Europe,” read an INEOS statement.

“Supplies to NHS hospitals will be free of charge for the period of the crisis with the public being able to purchase bottles through retailers.

“INEOS takes its corporate and social responsibilities extremely seriously, its products are essential to the production of essential healthcare products from rubber gloves, to PVC saline drips, syringes, ventilators, medical tubing.

INEOS founder and chairman Sir Jim Ratcliffe noted the increase in hand to mouth infection. According to him, that is one of the root causes of Corona virus contagion. Since INEOS is Europe’s largest manufacturer of hand sanitiser’s main ingredient, the company wants to help in any way possible.

Ratcliffe admitted that INEOS possesses enormous resources and manufacturing skills. Those skills can help them find other ways to combat the coronavirus disease. Finally, he affirmed that the multinational company is fully committed to playing a role in banishing the virus.

All seven UK-based F1 teams are currently exploring ways to aid government and health authorities in the fight against coronavirus by supplying much-needed ventilators amid a worldwide shortage.

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