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Helmets in Formula One are extremely important safety devices that have saved drivers from hundreds of accidents. It’s also the one accessory that drivers can personalize to their liking. Max Verstappen, too, is a fan of dressing for the occasion, having changed several helmets over the years with some iconic designs in the Red Bull branding.

Verstappen has some special plans for his helmet with the upcoming race being the Miami Grand Prix. In a recent post on Twitter, he released a video in which he unveiled his helmet for the upcoming race. The video showcases the helmet and gives a breakdown of why he designed it that way. And it being a race in America, he has decided to go with the colors of the USA flag.

Max Verstappen’s USA Helmet


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Max Verstappen uploaded a video on his Twitter page; that’s where he showcases the blue helmet with red and white accents. Verstappen explains why he decided to go with the colors he did for the USA helmet, and the passionate fans are the biggest reason. He understands how it’s not only F1 but motorsport culture as a whole that is cherished by Americans. That being said, he wanted to design a helmet that did justice to the fans.

The 3-time world champion has had a beautiful track record in the USA, winning 6 races there since 2021 and being the only driver with 3 wins in one country within a single season. Why wouldn’t he like America? And to show that, he has designed a helmet with his logo on the forehead of a lion at the top.

The Red Bull branding was obviously in red, and the back of the helmet has to easily be the best part. It comes with red and white stripes and a silhouette of elements from the cities he will be racing in the USA. The corners of the stripes come with a blue background and white stars from the flag.

He revealed that he will be wearing this helmet for all three races in America, which means this will be his helmet in Miami, Austin, and Vegas. Above the red and white stripes is his logo, along with his website branding. Right above that are three stars, each representing the years he won the world championship. The golden stars had the year of victory inside them.

The best part is that a mini version of the helmet can be purchased from his website, Verstappen.com.

Max Verstappen’s USA Helmet Sponsors

Max Verstappen also displays some of his sponsors on the helmet. The attention to detail on his helmet is unlike any other. All the sponsors were written in white, maintaining the color scheme, and this included sponsors like Oracle, the main sponsor for the team, Tag Heuer, Heineken, EA Sports, BYBIT, Viaplay, and Blender.


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However, Mobil 1’s branding works perfectly with the color scheme of the helmet and the USA flag. The helmet comes with a blue reflective visor, adding the final touch to make the whole package come together. Verstappen is again going with his tried and tested Schuberth helmet, and hopefully it will come unscratched during the races.


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With that said, would you like to get a mini-helmet for yourself? Let us know your thoughts on the design in the comments below.


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