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One of the biggest names to have graced the world of motorsport is Michael Schumacher. The legend set remarkable records while establishing his career as one of the fastest F1 drivers. Nonetheless, not only was he the best racer on the track, but, also left a forever mark on the hearts of many with his charming smile and good heart.

Michael’s former manager and long-time companion, Franz Tost, recently talked about Michael’s greatness while in conversation with F1 reporter Ralf Bach. Let’s see what Tost said.

Franz Tost calls working with Schumacher a career highlight


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At the end of 2023, Franz Tost said goodbye to Alpha Tauri after 18 years. Notably, Tost was F1’s second longest serving Team Principal. Recently, in an interview conducted by F1 Insider, he talked about the top drivers in Formula 1. As the interview moved forward, he mentioned how working with Michael Schumacher was one of the best highlights of his career.

Moreover, when asked, “How much do you miss Michael Schumacher?” Tost gave an emotional response saying, “Very. But not just as one of the best racing drivers of all time, but even more as a person. You could trust him, he never pretended and always said openly what he thought.” 

It’s been a decade since Michael suffered a life-threatening ski accident in Meribel, France, on 29th December 2013. Despite him surviving, his life changed as he was in a medically induced coma for almost 250 days. After waking up, he was taken to Lausanne, his home in Switzerland, where he has been in recovery since 2014.

Talking about Michael’s racing instincts, Tost said, “Michael and Co. always knew how they could improve and where their teammate’s weaknesses were. Right from the start, the champions spent most of their time on the race track with the engineers and data,” indicating that he never relied on computers to improve.

“Despite all the talent and vehicle control – in the end, champions are champions because they have the will to keep improving. And this will is fed by the head. This very characteristic was extremely pronounced in Michael. This also meant that if he was down, he would quickly get back up and come back even stronger,” as he told AutoBild, expressing Michael’s brilliance,

Schumacher’s recovery journey is imagined to be painful as the F1 champion was paralyzed and bound to a wheelchair. His brother Ralf recently broke the silence about this, bringing candid insights into Michael’s present situation.

Ralf Schumacher’s painful admission

Recently, Ralf Schumacher made a desolating admission on Schumacher’s current health. Giving a much-awaited and rare insight into Michael’s life, Ralf said that his brother will never make a full recovery from the accident, even though a decade has passed by.


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Given the horrific accident, Michael survived only because he was wearing a crash helmet. Ralf told the German outlet, Bild saying, “Life is unfair from time to time. Michael was very lucky throughout his life. But then there was this tragic accident,” as reported by Mirror.

“Fortunately, advanced medical science provides many opportunities. However, nothing is like it used to be,” added Ralf, acknowledging the 24×7 expert medical care that Michael is continuing to receive. Moreover, looking back at the day the accident happened he said, “Life is unfair at times. That day held a lot of bad luck. This fate has changed our family.”

Despite competing against each other as professional F1 race drivers, Michael and Ralf have always stayed close. More so, Ralf gives all the credit to Michael for introducing him to motorsport. “Michael wasn’t only my brother. When we were kids, he was also my coach and mentor. He taught me literally everything about kart racing. There may be an age gap of seven years, but he was always by my side. We raced together, we practiced overtaking maneuvers and everything that matters in motorsports,” he added.


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With all these years spent in recovery, one can’t help but wonder if the accident hadn’t happened, Michael would still be riding behind the wheel, with a zeal to live life to the fullest and fastest.

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