$50 Million Daniel Ricciardo Flying High in $35K Vehicle Leaves Fans Taking Jabs at McLaren While Enjoying Their Hero

Published 03/14/2023, 4:45 AM EDT

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If there is one driver that has benefitted from being forced out of a racing seat, it’s Daniel Ricciardo. The Australian received the heart-wrenching decision from McLaren back during the 2022 summer break. However, a disappointing aspect for more turned into a blessing in disguise for the Honey Badger. The Australian is catching up on life and doing things he enjoys while taking his sabbatical and the fans are loving this side of Ricciardo.

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Daniel Ricciardo made the conscious choice of staying away from a racing seat in 2023 despite offers. The Australian believed the mental toll his time with McLaren and overall in F1 has taken on him needs to be undone. Unemployment is not a concern as the Australian has accumulated a cool $50 million for himself. So as far as we can see, the Australian is undoing all the mental stress in his free time and enjoying himself while he is at it.


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Ricciardo shared another instance of him undoing all the mental stress with a video he posted on his Instagram. However, the professionalism within Ricciardo is making him a better racer, even on a $35k ATV. He revealed that in the post’s caption.

The caption read, “My friend taught me how to minimise tyre deg 🛫 @polarisorv_aus”. Ricciardo’s learning new tricks even during his downtime. The basic concept is to not let the tyres touch the ground if one wants to reduce tyre degradation.

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This is exactly what Ricciardo is doing in the clip and the fans are loving his excitement that can be heard in the clip. Moreover, the fans are also pointing out how he’s in a much better state away from his former team.

Daniel Ricciardo flying high in a better vehicle than the current McLaren or that’s what the fans believe

The fans are missing the Australian’s presence on the grid. However, they are still appreciating the fact the Australian doesn’t have to drive the current MCL60, especially in its horrendous state.

The fans expressed their mixed emotions in the comments section of the post.


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“Polaris tyre deg better than McLarens”

“Everyone knew Ric could still fly just that McLaren was holding him down”

“I don’t want you to drive in this thing I want you drive in a racing car”

“Much needed for the mclarens this year😂”

“Seems the Polaris drives better than the McLaren this year”

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“We miss you Daniel Rrrriiiiciaaaaardooooooo 😢”


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“faster than McLaren shit box”

“Still better than the MCL60! 🙏🏻❤️‍🔥”

“Need u back!!!!! 🙌”


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“still faster than McLaren😭😭😭”

The fans are absolutely decimating the McLaren MCL60 while celebrating their hero. What a beautiful turn of events for the Australian.



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