“Miss the Sweaty Shoe Filled With Champagne” – Daniel Ricciardo Admits the Harshness of His Renault Stint

By 3 months ago

If there is one thing that Daniel Ricciardo is known for, it is his Shoey celebration. However, it has been more than a year since he last stepped on the podium. In other words, the Shoey has been absent for a long time and Ricciardo misses it terribly.

During his Red Bull stint, Daniel Ricciardo always performed this when he stood on the top step of the podium. The Australian driver would pour champagne into his race boot and it was bottoms up.

Since then, he has always been associated with the Aussie tradition. He was even able to convince fellow drivers and celebrities to partake in the concoction. Sadly for the fans, the signature celebration will not be seen until he bags a podium for Renault.

To make matters worse for the team, McLaren overtook them for fourth place in the constructors’ championship last year. In 2020, the French F1 team is looking to regain their place, and Daniel Ricciardo has indicated that the signs are positive.

“Success looks like a sweaty shoe filled with champagne,” Ricciardo told the media. “That is what success looks like to me. And I miss it. When I used to do it, I was like ‘This is terrible, what am I doing’.

“But I really miss it, it’s a love/hate relationship with my boot. That would certainly make things good. My first impressions on the car were good.

Daniel Ricciardo

How is Daniel Ricciardo going to approach the new season?

The 30-year old is confident that the team can improve, but the question is, ‘by how much?’ According to Daniel Ricciardo, Renault is not expecting any instant results, but will take things one step at a time.

Speaking about his 2020 goals, Ricciardo affirmed that he in not focusing on a higher position. Though he confessed that a podium or a higher position woulf be most welcome.

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