What an eventful season it has been, especially for AlphaTauri. The team announced their boss, Franz Tost, one of the longest serving TP’s in the sport, will vacate his seat after the end of the season. However, Tost’s decision to retire wasn’t the only change that came to AlphaTauri. The team saw three drivers drive one car at different points in the season, which was destabilizing for the team, especially after the poor start to the season. However, the boss scratched more than the surface in his final message.

Tost made his final appearance on AlphaTauri‘s YouTube with as a farewell message was uploaded on their channel. The Austrian boss started off by recounting the difficult moments in 2023, which is where he revealed the part that dearly affected 20 of the team’s members.


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He disclosed, “We must not forget the flood disaster. More than 20 of our employees lost their homes, and this was also a big shock for all of us.

Tost is of course talking about the floods in Italy that canceled the Emilia Romagna GP. For most, that was the extent of it, however, the floods affected more regions and a lot of lives. The floods hit the base of AlphaTauri – Faenza, as well, which is why the team members lost their homes.

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The rains have cast a shadow of doubt on many race weekends. However, the rains which flooded the Italian towns were devastating. This is exactly why the world of F1 stood in solidarity to bring attention to the disaster and even sent relief funds.

World of F1 stood in solidarity with a heartfelt message for the flood victims in Italy

It shocked the world of F1 when Italy was flooded overnight, canceling the entire race weekend. The disastrous scenario made everyone in the world of F1 stand on their feet and speak up. The drivers, teams, and the team principals all expressed concern over the events and the safety of the residents and shared a heartfelt message of solidarity.


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This tragedy especially affected the CEO of F1 Stefano Domencali as it happens to be his birthplace. Speaking about the tragedy, he said, “My thoughts and prayers are with the victims of the flooding and the families and communities affected. I want to express my gratitude and admiration for the incredible emergency services who are working tirelessly to help those who need help and alleviate the situation. They are heroes and the whole of Italy is proud of them.”


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The drivers might’ve gotten a respite from one less race in an exhausting calendar, but it came at a high cost. Let’s hope the Emilia Romgana region recovers from this tragedy, which in no way would’ve been easy on anyone.

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