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Here’s How Lewis Hamilton & LeBron James Manipulate Sleep to Ensure Longevity in Professional Sport

Published 11/21/2023, 3:50 AM EST

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What sets an athlete apart from one who conquers their sport? The fact they’re fully committed to their sport, especially when they’re not in action. It’s the attention to detail and that is exactly how both LeBron James and Lewis Hamilton are performing at the highest level at 38 years of age after 16 seasons in the top flight.

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One important aspect of this longevity is physical fitness. We all know both F1 and NBA require their athletes to be in peak physical conditions to perform at the highest level. However, apart from the time at the gym, it’s the time away from it that really matters to both, especially with all the traveling that two are required to do. This is why both Hamilton and LeBron James talked about one of the most important aspects of their physical conditions, sleep. First, let’s see what Hamilton has to say about it.

How does Lewis Hamilton regulate his sleeping patterns despite the excessive travel?


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The most important aspect to control for a driver during an F1 season is their circadian rhythm. Speaking to Mens Journal ahead of the Las Vegas GP weekend, Hamilton explained how the night race will affect his schedule and how he tackles these constant changes.

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In his preparation for the night race, he revealed, “It’s important to adjust your internal clock, so before we get to Nevada, the team is spending some time in Los Angeles. I’m already adjusting my mornings to waking up and going to bed later to fit with the schedule of a night race.”


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However, looking at the broader picture, he revealed the intricacies of all of the hotel rooms he stays in throughout the season. “The key is adjusting the light I’m taking in—using different bulbs with different brightness so I can maintain a good circadian rhythm. Since we travel so much, I always make sure the rooms we’re staying in have blackout curtains so I can get a deep sleep at any hour. I like to keep the room cool, which makes the bed more welcome. The bed itself is also crucial. I like a firm pillow because I like to sleep on my side. The ones I have at home are Tempur-Pedic,” he added.

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These are the lengths the Mercedes man goes to maintain a sleep schedule which is monumental in his recovery. How similar are these to King James’ practices? Let’s have a look.

LeBron James reveals the nighttime routine that helps in his recovery


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The 38-year-old LA Lakers man is one of the best players in a sport that chews and spits out new players every season. Not many have been able to maintain the longevity in the sport that LeBron James has. His secret? Eight hours of sleep!

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On a recent episode of The Tim Ferriss Show podcast, James explained, “That’s the best way for your body to physically and emotionally be able to recover and get back to 100 percent as possible. Now, will you wake up and feel 100 percent? There are some days you don’t. So some days you feel better than others. But the more, and more, and more time that you get those eight – if you can get nine, that’s amazing.”


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Not just respect and support for each other, the two share traits as well. Traits that definitely set them apart from the rest of the competition.

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