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‘Nonsensical to Put Him With Max’: Red Bull Urged to Sack Sergio Perez After “Overambitious” Failure

Published 09/26/2023, 6:00 AM EDT

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Well, folks, Formula 1 never ceases to provide us with a whirlwind of emotions, surprises, and Monday morning quarterbacking, does it? Fresh off the back of a stunning victory for Max Verstappen in Japan, and with Red Bull sealing the constructors’ title, there’s a bit of drama unfurling on the other side of the Red Bull garage. This time it is a video titled ‘It doesn’t make sense to put him next to Verstappen next year’ that has stirred quite the chatter. You guessed it right, Sergio Perez is again in the crosshairs of the media.

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Erik van Haren (from De Telegraaf ), reflecting on the race, confidently suggests that we might just see Verstappen crowned world champion next Saturday in Qatar. Take away the prophecy, Erik! But before we get ahead of ourselves and plan any celebratory parties, there’s that tiny hiccup involving Sergio Perez to discuss.

The F1 Checkered Flag podcast delved into it, bringing to light a bit of déjà vu. Perez’s recent mishap saw him locking up and playing bumper cars with Kevin Magnussen . One podcast voice opined, It was an overambitious move, but I don’t think it was a like-for-like, stupid overtake. Is history repeating itself or just a one-off miscalculation?


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While Magnussen’s aggressive style is a known entity, this collision was judged squarely on Perez. But, if we take a trip down memory lane to 2012, Perez at the same hairpin at Suzuka, in a Sauber, muscled his way past Hamilton with a similar bold move.

Still, overambitious or not, many are questioning Perez’s seat next to the potential future three-time champ, Verstappen. Should Red Bull change the ensemble? Or trust in Sergio’s flair and experience to rebound? Time will tell how this drama unfolds. Until then, Checo has time to turn the tables and prove his worth with some support behind him.

Speaking of support for Perez, a familiar voice has recently chimed in on the discussion…

Sergio Perez’s father sheds light on the ‘Checo’ & Max Dynamic in Formula 1

Antonio Perez, one of the most famous F1 fathers, shared some candid thoughts in a recent interview. With a chuckle and a fatherly twinkle in his eyes, he shed some light on the ‘behind-the-scenes’ dynamics between the Red Bull teammates.

@SChecoPerez continues to struggle [with the car] in something that we have not detected,”  Antonio revealed, drawing an endearing comparison between the driving preferences of the two Red Bull stars. “The car is set for Max [VIEW]. Max drives with all the grip in the front, and ‘Checo’ [has driven] all his life and all the time he has done it with the grip in the back. So today’ Checo’ has to [adapt to] driving a car, like Max doesn’t [need to].”


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While many might feel the pressure of such an adjustment, Antonio highlighted the reason behind Perez’s recruitment to Red Bull: “The position ‘Checo’ Pérez is in is [the intention] for which he was hired: second place. There is only one place to be a champion. [‘Checo’] has to work, he has to earn it. This whole thing was built for Max to be there”

He then mused, about the shifting perspectives of success. “When ‘Checo’ moved to tenth [place], for us it was a pride that he won a point. Today ends in second place and we get angry, we want it to be first.”

Antonio signed off with a confident prediction that will surely warm the hearts of fans, The only thing I can tell you is that Mexico is going to have a world championship in F1 and [in a ddition, this weekend was] the second time that ‘Checo’ is champion in F1 , in constructors . ” 


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What do you think can Perez retain his seat next season, let alone challenge Max for the championship given how 2023 has panned out?

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