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The theme of the current season, except for maybe two teams on the grid, has been fickle performances. Every race weekend brings a fresh set of roller coasters of emotions for every team. Most teams have been unable to stay consistent with their performances. French team Alpine, hoping to win the midfield battle once again, is struggling with the same problem. Because of these inconsistent performances, the CEO Laurent Rossi lashed out and called the team “amateurs”. Sources also put the future of team boss Otmar Szafnauer in doubt. However, a former team boss turned journalist has hit back at the Alpine CEO claiming he doesn’t understand the sport backing Esteban Ocon and Co.

Szafnauer is a veteran in the world of Formula 1. He has been around for more than a decade and has managed his fair share of teams during his time as well. So being judged for the performance of the French team after the first five races might seem a bit unfair. Peter Windsor feels the same way as he expressed in his interview with Maxin, as quoted by F1 Maximaal.


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“It’s hard to ask for more given the situation in Formula 1 at the moment. If Alpine’s owners expect their team to be able to perform at the same level as Red Bull is doing now, then unfortunately that is another example of people in higher management positions not really understanding anything about Formula 1,” criticised Windsor.

“I think the people who run the team on the track are doing a really good job, and I’m referring to guys like Alan Permane (current Alpine sporting director) and Otmar Szafnauer (Alpine’s team principal). I think they are doing very well.”

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The rant from Rossi has upset a lot of entities in the sport and the public nature of it has become a much-talked-about issue. Despite that, the team principal is staying calm and keeps his eyes on the prize.

Alpine boss puts on his noise blockers and keeps his focus on the long-term goal


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The French team had publicly revealed their goal of getting on top of the sport after 100 races. 25 races in, there is no sign of that so far. However, the TP still has his eyes on the prize and believes the coming 75 races of roughly three and a half years will change the team’s complete dynamic.

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Szafnauer said, “There’s around 75 races [left in the plan]. It’s three and a half years. And within that three and a half years, you get a new simulator, you get a new head of simulation, you get a new [software] system. They are things to come. Once they come then we’ll take those steps.”


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These upgrades will definitely make a difference and Aston Martin has already showcased that. However, will the coming 75 races be enough time for the team to really compete with the top three? That is to be seen.

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