“One of the Biggest Problems”- Ross Brawn Advises Ferrari to Cope With “Incredibly Intense” Pressure

July 13, 2020 5:14 pm

It’s been an extremely tough couple of weeks for Ferrari in Austria. After the opening two races, the Scuderia only have 19 points to their name. None of which came from the Styrian Grand Prix, which was an absolute calamity for them as Charles Leclerc collided with Sebastian Vettel in the opening lap, resulting in retirements for both of them.

Surely, Ferrari can only go upwards from here. By now, the team and its fans have already realized that this season is more about damage limitation and saving face than winning a championship.

However, the downside of being the most successful F1 team is that the local media pressure is rather high. Here’s F1 Managing Director Ross Brawn to shed some light on that aspect.

Ross Brawn says Ferrari can’t let media pressure get to them

In a special column penned by Brawn for Formula1, he writes, “One of the biggest problems for Ferrari is that of all the teams on the grid, they come under the closest scrutiny from the media.

“Particularly in Italy. I know from my own experience that the media pressure in Italy can be incredibly intense. You have to make sure it doesn’t get to your people.

“The management have to cope with it and make sure the staff maintain the faith and stay focused on what needs to be done. They aren’t going to turn it around overnight, and there’s a long road ahead for them.

“They need to find out if there is a fundamental problem with the car – and they need to find out fast – because clearly, they are some way off the pace.”

Well, Brawn could not be more right, at the moment Ferrari doesn’t even seem to be the best amongst the midfield. But the onus is on them to show us if they can turn things around (however slightly).

What would have disappointed them even more than gaining zero points, would be the fact that they couldn’t test the new upgrades.

Nevertheless, it’s no use crying over spilled milk, Ferrari will have to pick themselves up for Hungary and hope they can at least stay closer to the top of the grid.

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