“Papa” Max Verstappen Teaches Kelly Piquet’s Daughter an Invaluable Skill as Fans Adore “Cutest” Family Montage

Published 03/11/2023, 7:00 AM EST

Kelly Piquet’s daughter, Penelope, has the richest lineage of F1. Her grandfather, Nelson Piquet, was the triple world champion, and her ‘stepdad’ Max Verstappen, heading on to become one. Her father, Daniil Kvyat, was a Formula 1 racer himself and so were her uncles. With a legacy like that, motoring skills come to you sooner rather than later. And as Red Bull established sheer dominance over the Bahrain GP weekend, vacation came early for Max Verstappen. And he used his leisure time to pass on his dexterity.

Kelly Piquet began dating Verstappen somewhere around the end of 2020. The two later welcomed the New Year together, announcing to the world that they were in love and the couple has been inseparable ever since. From running into the Brazilian model’s arms after becoming a champion to always vacationing together. The latest destination of fun-filled adventure added to their tally in Bahrain. Interestingly, Verstappen stepped in to teach Baby P a motoring skill during their stay.


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In a series of 10 pictures uploaded on Piquet’s official Instagram account, there are a couple pointing towards the growing love between her daughter and partner. A photograph shows the family in their racing gear and the next one shows a tiny double-seater Go Kart going around the track. Fans were quick to jump to the conclusion that Daddy Max was fulfilling his duties to the fullest.

Fans drool over the lovely pictures of Max Verstappen and Kelly Piquet from the Bahrain vacay

From special Dinners in the desert to boat rides to celebrating her daughter’s first, Piquet’s glimpse of her time in Bahrain can make some envious. But that probably is the best way to celebrate the Red Bull clan’s top-class season opener.
Have a look at some of the comments on her latest Instagram post:
“Papá Max”

“Omg the cutest ever ❤️”

“Family time. 😍”

“Max isn’t a stepfather, he’s just the father that stepped up 💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽”

“step daddy max content!!!!! thanks kelly ❤️❤️❤️”

“Such a beautiful lil family 🥺♥️ its so cute to see Max and P together as well! 🥺🥰”

“I love this little family ❤️”

“The way she leans on Max 😍❤️”

“The boat photo is so sweet 😭💕”

“Look at max man.. so inspirational! 🥺”

While the adoration for Verstappen continued, many couldn’t help but notice that little Penelope had grown up so fast.


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“Look at baby P she is growing up so fast”

“P is growing up so fast, I can cry🥺🥰”

“She’s getting so big😢”


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What are your thoughts on the cute little vacation of Verstappen and Piquet? Let us know in the comment section below.




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