Is Carlos Sainz Hesitant to Renew His Ferrari Contract? – Audi Connections, Red Bull Rumors & More

Published 12/04/2023, 6:34 AM EST

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USA Today via Reuters

As it happens every summer, the silly season always adds a bit of drama in the already eventful world of Formula 1. The 2023 season’s silly season put the future of a lot of drivers in doubt. However, with the 2024 grid already set, let’s shift our focus to the 2025 grid. For the 2025 grid, the biggest name in doubt is Carlos Sainz. The 2024 season is the last contractual year for the Spaniard with Ferrari with no signs of an extension. There are talks for a contract extension, however, there might be some hesitancy from Sainz’s side.

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In this piece, let’s explore the possibility of Sainz not extending his Ferrari contract with certain events of the 2023 season in mind. We will also discuss the options the Spaniard might have and what his future might potentially look like come 2025 and beyond.

Will Carlos Sainz sign a contract extension with Ferrari beyond 2024?


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Donning the legendary reds of Ferrari is a dream for every driver in Formula 1. Sainz actualized his dream in 2021 which took some time to sink in. However, it’s true when they say never meet your heroes because the Spaniard’s time at Ferrari, even though it earned him his first two wins in the sport, has been marred with disrespect. We saw signs of it on multiple occasions, especially in the 2023 season when he was given team orders to and his teammate Charles Leclerc wasn’t. It became a controversy as Sainz Sr. even made fiery statements about the Ferrari boss and accused the Italian team of favoritism.

This coupled with the fact the Italian team wants to offer a short-term solution to his future is becoming a sticking point in the contract extension talks. This is exactly why Sainz will be one of the biggest focal points of the 2024 silly season with his contract ending next season. Let’s look at some of the reports.


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According to GaLa Gazzetta dello Sport, as reported by, Sainz is looking for a medium to long-term solution to his future in the sport with the Italian team. However, despite his two wins in as many seasons, with the 2023 one changing the perspective around the Spaniard, Leclerc is still the preferred driver. With Leclerc set to lead the team, Ferrari is shifting their gaze to Sainz’s old teammate Lando Norris to partner alongside the Monegasque.

The Brit’s contract ends in 2025 and this is exactly why the Italian outfit wants to offer the 29-year-old Spaniard a year-long extension, not more. However, Sainz wants at least two years of security if he wants to sign an extension with Ferrari.

Carlos Sainz Takes “First Step to Leave Ferrari” as $76,000,000,000 Giants Saddle Up to Stir the Circus

With Ferrari looking to fill the seat till Norris’s contract runs out with McLaren and secure his services beyond 2025, Sainz’s one-year contract extension will work for them perfectly. However, this is not a favorable scenario for the Spaniard. However, if we bring the Audi angle into the picture, it might just work in Sainz’s favor.

Should Carlos Sainz sign a year-long extension to become Audi’s lead driver or eye the Red Bull seat for 2025?

Sainz entered the sport as part of the Red Bull family but soon realized his chances would be limited if he did not leave. However, the former Toro Rosso racing driver might just be able to realize his Red Bull dream with the second seat currently occupied by Sergio Perez up for grabs beyond 2024 with the Mexican not likely to get a contract extension.

Sainz would be a very good second driver at Red Bull with the Spaniard showcasing his race-winning capabilities in the past couple of seasons. However, Sainz’s ambitions might upset Red Bull’s team chemistry and cause some rift within the team. This is where Audi comes in as the best possible peaceful and long-term solution to his future.

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Even though Sainz’s camp has refuted all rumors of a pre-contract with Audi and made Ferrari a priority, will a one-year extension and then joining Audi as a lead driver be such a bad thing for Sainz? We don’t think so.


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Audi will become part of the circus after their takeover of Sauber who races as Alfa Romeo currently. With history as proof, when Audi joins a motor racing competition, they are never there just to fill a space. Audi is always competitive and always makes a mark in whatever competition they become a part of.

Although, F1 is no cakewalk and they will have some catching up to do. However, if Audi does enter the sport and is competitive from the start, Sainz will strike gold and lead the German brand to a lot of F1 glory and etch his name in the team and sport’s history.

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We believe it’s a worthy gamble to take for a driver who has nothing to lose in the sport at the moment. What are your thoughts on Sainz’s future in the sport?

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