Piero Ferrari ‘Hopes’ Problems in F1 Are Removed With Completely Revamped 2020 Car

February 10, 2020 5:37 pm

A year ago’s Ferrari car was fast. The straight-line speed was astonishing, yet the Italians couldn’t discover an equalization around the corners. Before the finish of the season, the group was at that point attempting to address this by attempting to produce all the more downward pressure with the then design. Nonetheless, for 2020 the whole design will have an appropriate balance. The new car would look a great deal like a Red Bull Racing car, with the vehicle inclining far forward.

There was an absence of downforce. Sebastian Vettel and Charles Leclerc limped to just three wins out of 21 races. Furthermore, this is the reason the group will accompany a totally unique design for 2020.

The only living child of Ferrari founder Enzo Ferrari, Piero Ferrari has affirmed to the Italian media that the group has ‘completely redesigned’ the vehicle from 2019.

Ferrari was not uncompetitive in 2019. Some inside the enclosure freely communicated their sentiments that this exhibition increment may have originated from circumnavigating the fuel stream rules. This highlighted an ensuing reduction in execution once an FIA examination was propelled. However, Ferrari experienced increasingly poor basic leadership on the pit wall and individual drivers’ blunders than from anything the car was fouling up.

For 2020, the last year of the current aerodynamic regulations, most groups are accepted to present the advancement of their 2019 plans. Yet Piero Ferrari has affirmed that Ferrari is, in reality, going the contrary path in a bid to secure a first constructors’ crown since 2008 and the first driver’s title since 2007 (Kimi Raikkonen).

“The car for this year has been completely redesigned.

“We hope we have done everything possible to eliminate the problems of last year. I think a good job has been done. We all hope so,” he added.

Ferrari 2020 car launch

Ferrari will launch their new car on the eleventh of February. Flashback a year and they propelled a noteworthy challenger for the winter tests. They were the top picks to beat Mercedes in Australia. In any case, that wasn’t the situation.

The launch will happen at the historic Romolo Valli theatre in Reggio Emilia.

The name of the 2020 vehicle will be ‘SF1000’.

The ‘SF’ represents Scuderia Ferrari, with the ‘1000’ segment of the official name in the festivity of the game’s 1000th Grand Prix.

China will be the location of the 1000th race. However, FIA looks to drop or delay that Shanghai round due to the coronavirus emergency.


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