Pierre Gasly Ditches Esteban Ocon Leaving Fans Adoring his Friendship with Ferrari Star: “they belong together”

Published 03/16/2023, 6:15 AM EDT

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After the return of Maxiel, rumors of a budding bromance between long-time rivals Pierre Gasly and Esteban Ocon have been making headlines lately. Alpine brought them close, and the two started working closely. However, based on recent events, it seems like the heart of Pierre Gasly still lies elsewhere.

Where does his heart lie? It lies with his longtime friend, Charles Leclerc, as the two were spotted with two other friends playing Padel during their off-time in Jeddah ahead of this week’s Saudi Arabian GP. The chemistry visible in the picture has fans swooning over the two young drivers, who have also officially coined their bromance as Piarles!


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Moreover, this wasn’t the only time that the duo, or at least Gasly, ditched Ocon. Previously, the duo, along with Ocon, went to watch the NBA game in Paris, but they participated as a team without Ocon in a match against NBA legends Joakim Noah and Tony Parker.

The picture shows them working out together to stay in shape for the race. This was only a testimony to the statement from Leclerc, who said last year, “It is rare but it is possible. The only truly friendly relationship I have in the paddock is with Pierre. We have known each other for many years & shared many experiences. That has bonded us a lot.” The fact that the two chose each other for the outing means the friendship is only getting stronger between the two.

Fans blessed heartthrobs Pierre Gasly and Charles Leclerc

Both the drivers seemingly have no haters. So you can only imagine the love that must have been showered on the duo when they would’ve come together! 

Fans expressed their love for the two by saying, “Their friendship is honestly beautiful”, “There’s no need to split PIARLES, they belong together ✨” and “besties working out together🥹🫶🏻”.

Others added, “Piarles is everything this world needs, and more.”, “Exactly when four racket friends meet in a paddle court even to beat each other with balls … after a flight … how can you not admire them … then friendship wins over everything”.


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On the other hand, fans wanted more of the Piarles content, and honestly, we can only agree with the demand! They said, “we need the video footage”, “Can’t split them? Join them and post more content of them together hehe” and we need more Piarles content pleaseee🫶🏻”. One of the fans, who was certainly not a fan of Esteban Ocon, added, “Where, where is Ocon? Ah, forgotten forever 😁😁😁 Thanks.” 


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The glimpse of the two old friends certainly brought a smile to everyone’s face. Hopefully, there’s more to come as the season proceeds. And if we aren’t being too greedy, we’ll have a podium with them as well, thanks.



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