“Pink Mercedes” – Carlos Sainz and Kimi Raikkonen Mock Racing Point F1

By 3 months ago

The newly launched Racing Point F1 RP20 has created a lot of buzz in the F1 circuit. The car has some striking similarities with the last year’s winning car Mercedes F1’s W10.

Racing Point technical boss Andy Green talked about the close relationship with Mercedes for 2020 car development.

He said, “We’ve been working in the Mercedes wind tunnel since May last year, so it makes more sense to follow their concept than to build a Red Bull”

Green admitted that a few parts have been borrowed from the last year’s title-winning car.

He said, “The front and rear suspension and the gearbox come one-to-one from the 2019 Mercedes.”

Journalist Michael Schmidt went out to call the new car ‘Pink Mercedes’.

He said, “One can say without exaggeration that it is a 2019 Mercedes in pink”. Micheal is the editor of the renowned German magazine Auto Motor Und Sport

Even Kimi Raikkonen took a cheeky dig at the car during an interview yesterday. When he noticed that Bottas topped the chart, followed by Perez in the Racing Point. He said, “Somethings never change, two Mercedes leading the way”

The close working relationship between Racing Point and Mercedes has unmistakably been the highlight of the winter. Racing Point group head Lawrence Stroll and Mercedes F1 boss Toto Wolff were even speculated to work on a joint Formula 1 project for 2021 and beyond.

Lawrence Stroll initiated a philosophy shift amid their bad performance in 2019. The outcome of which is a closer relationship with the Mercedes F1 team. And the transformation of Racing Point into Aston Martin’s works team from 2021. People are also saying that the team has only recently started working on their 2021 car.

Teams Not Happy With The Racing Point F1-Mercedes F1 Arrangement

The Mercedes-Racing Point technology transfer is not going well with everyone. Some fellow mid-table teams are unhappy about Racing Point’s Mercedes clone.

“It makes life difficult for us if small teams can benefit from the work of the big ones,” said Mclaren F1 driver Carlos Sainz.

McLaren F1 finished the 2019 season as best of the rest at fourth overall. Although team boss Andreas Seidl has not made any worrying statement. And reportedly is not making a big fuss about the Racing Point situation for now.

“There is no reason to complain,” he said. “Everyone has the right to copy another car and there are regulations that allow certain parts to be used one-to-one.”

Talking about the situation Red Bull F1’s Dr. Helmut Marko said in a recent interview, “I am sure McLaren and Renault will have their opinion, but we are staying out of it.”

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