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“Poor Lando!”: F1 Drivers Left Dumbfounded As They Underestimate Norris

Published 05/14/2022, 7:07 AM EDT

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The always exciting and fun Grill the Grid is back! F1 released the first video of the new season of Grill the Grid on the YouTube channel and it has already given us many amazing moments. F1 drivers were asked to give an accurate height challenge to all the drivers on the grid and they were surprised to know the height of Lando Norris.

The McLaren driver is known to be one of the shortest drivers on the grid. But according to the video, he is the same height as Sebastian Vettel and Mick Schumacher. This detail provided some hilarious reactions from other drivers who refuse to believe that Lando is 176 cm tall.

Alex called out his friend and stated,” Lando… Has he had a growth spurt since I last saw him because that’s not true?” Charles Leclerc too refused to believe how tall the British driver is.” Lando is no way here. Mick and Lando are the same height? Poor Lando.” 


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” Norris is not towards the bottom end? I think that’s a lie,” said Latifi. It shocked Vettel to know that Norris is the same height as him. ” Is he? Yeah, I’m 7′ 7″. Doesn’t matter, he’s the same then, yeah,” said Sebastian.

Lando Norris recalls his wild party adventure in a hotel

We know the McLaren driver to be a very fun character off the track, but he’s never known to be a party animal. But recently he recalled an incident when he caused a bit of chaos in the hotel pool while he was partying with his friends.


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“We got kicked out of the pool. We were being naughty in the pool and everyone, not just me, got kicked out. So we went up to the rooms [and] had a nice party in the rooms,” 


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“And that was that, so I apologize if there were any disturbed people in the ground above and the ground below. But yeah, it was good fun,” said the McLaren driver.


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It seems there are a lot of mysteries about the young British driver and his personal details. As it is hard to believe that he is such a party animal off the track and is also the same height as Sebastian Vettel.



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