Racing Point F1 Launches Attack on Rival Teams Over Accusations

By 3 months ago

Racing Point F1 technical director Andy Green is certain about the capability of the group’s RP20, implying that the pink squad may well have a go at Ferrari in Melbourne. It is based on its performance in pre-season testing.

2020 contender of Racing Point F1 raised in excess of a couple of eyebrows when it showed up in the Barcelona pitlane a week ago. The vehicle’s structure follows the idea and forms of Mercedes‘ 2019 title-winning W10.

The RP20’s pace in pre-season testing shows that Racing Point will easily battle with its midfield rivals. However maybe additionally for Ferrari as indicated by Ferrari F1 boss Mattia Binotto.

Andy Green says any complaints directed towards RP20 of Racing Point F1 are born out of frustration.

“I think [complaints from other teams] boil down to the fact that some of the teams may not have done as good a job as they should have done, and I think we’re probably seeing that,” he said.

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The team once in the past known as Force India received Mercedes’ design of a low-rake vehicle. Moreover, they completed seventh in 2018 and again in 2019 as Racing Point after Lawrence Stroll’s takeover. What’s more, that sound money infusion from the new proprietor empowered the group to embrace Mercedes’ plan approach, clarified Green.

“We have a team that finished fourth two years on the trot [as Force India, in 2016 and 2017] with next to no money at all. We were absolutely hand to mouth. And, we finished fourth in the championship. We beat the likes of McLaren, that was what we could do that with next to nothing.”

“For people to think, to take a team like that and inject money and resources in it, and it wasn’t going to improve, was just naive. And I think they just haven’t stepped up to the plate.”

RP20 is the most solid package I have had in the pre-season testing, said Perez. Everything seems to be looking rosy for the team ahead of the season-opening Australian Grand Prix.

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