Racing Point F1 the Same as Ferrari and Mercedes : Otmar Szafnauer

August 23, 2020 10:00 pm

Allegations of illegal copying were raised against Racing Point by many Formula 1 teams. The brake duct design of the Racing Point RP20 matches that of the Mercedes W10, which won the Championship in 2019.

With respect to the allegations, FIA announced that regulations would be changed from next year. Aiming to put a hold on the illegal copying of cars through reverse engineering.

Nikolas Tombazis and Peter Bayer have confirmed they will update regulations to prevent other teams from copying the design.

However, Otmar Szafnauer is not at all worried about the verdict. He claims Racing Point won’t be affected and believes the team is capable enough to manufacture proper designs for itself.

I don’t think it changes our business model at all. We’re not the most affected team,” Szafnauer said.

The FIA is still a long way from setting the rules and regulations for the teams. However, unless the rules and regulations are put out, the scenario won’t be clear to anyone.

Even Racing Point is looking forward to the rules and regulations and is open to embrace them heartily. The alleged copy of Mercedes W10 and their iconic pink color has earned them the title of Pink Mercedes in social outlets.

“If the rules become more clear, we will stay within the bounds of those rules. Absolutely no problem,” he added.

Racing Point capable of constructing their own cars

Szafnauer believes that in terms of designing, his team is as capable as any other.

“If you just compare us to everyone else in design, development, aero personnel, we are the same. We’re the same as the big teams.”

Otmar is not at all worried about the new regulations. Highlighting the history of the Formula 1 team, he claimed to have the capability to build a machine from scratch.

“We’ve always been a constructor, from the days of Jordan to the days of Racing Point and everywhere in between. We’ve got the capability of designing, developing, and constructing all of our own components.”

Lance Stroll and Sergio Perez have been performing pretty well for Racing Point this season. Their third position in the Constructors List proves they are capable of reaching greater heights.

Though it is yet to be seen how they fare with their ‘own’ cars once the regulations are imposed.

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