Rain Threatens to Spoil Mick Schumacher’s Much Awaited F1 Debut at the Eifel Grand Prix

October 9, 2020 2:21 pm

The German Grand Prix is all set to kick off at the famous Nurburgring circuit. Unsurprisingly, reports have come up that the weather does not seem to be encouraging for the drivers to drive around the track at blistering speeds. What’s more, nature’s wrath may wreak havoc on Mick Schumacher, forcing his highly anticipated Formula One debut to an untimely end.

Mick Schumacher may have been looking forward to this moment, especially driving in front of his home fans. But the weather has raised concerns over his participation during the practice session.

Considering this run with Alfa Romeo will be a novel experience for the young German, the wet and foggy conditions could raise concerns within the team. A tiny mistake could place a heavy load on the pit crew to re-build the car for the next session.

As of the conditions, it has been raining since Thursday night; the fog has engulfed the entire circuit, bringing visibility down to low to none. This gloomy weather might let up by the start of FP2, but it is unlikely to be a dry session.

Last week, Alfa Romeo announced that Mick will take part in the FP1 at Nurburgring. His performances in Formula 2 may have impressed the team as they decided to give the Schumacher Jr. a taste of their car.

In addition, if the rumors are to be believed, the young German might even team up with Kimi Raikkonen for a full season at Alfa Romeo in 2021.

Medical Helicopter’s decision stands between Mick Schumacher and his debut

For the session to see a green light, it is all up to the Medical Helicopters. If they believe they can fly their chopper amid the present extreme conditions, the FIA will be happy to go ahead with the practice session.

Mick Schumacher will be hoping that things go his way; for he could certainly use this opportunity to find his bearings behind the wheel of a Formula One car.


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