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Ex- Formula E Champion Tips More Engine Suppliers to Quit F1 Following Honda’s Exit News

Ex- Formula E Champion Tips More Engine Suppliers to Quit F1 Following Honda’s Exit News

The format of F1 needed a thorough reassessment to make it sustainable. FIA and Liberty Media have aimed for the same. However, the terms of the Concorde Agreement might have pushed the teams too hard. It hasn’t even been a year since the revision and Honda has already exited the F1 world. Should this worry F1 about its future with constructors?

Honda’s exit from F1 left Red Bull Racing and Alpha Tauri without an engine supplier. Honda elaborated its exit from F1, saying it was not because of economic reasons. However, the entire grid knows better. The regulations of 2022 advanced weird guidelines into the sport. The entire concept of equal distribution of income is a concept valid for labor unions, not a competitive sport. If that is the concept, then there is nothing in the crux to differentiate P1 from P20.

The concept of an equal distribution of the prize money was first refuted by Mercedes boss Toto Wolff. They also proposed a system of reverse grid racing, but McLaren was strongly against it. Although the aim of the new regulations was to reach a sustainable and equal footing, the authorities seem to have failed in their approach.

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Is Honda leaving a wake-up call for F1 and Motorsports?

Lucas Di Grassi, the Brazilian Formula E racer for Audi, voiced his contempt of the structure in which motorsports function. He tweeted, “Honda leaving F1 is not a surprise. Motorsport dinosaurs will day bah that’s cyclical there will be others coming; No they won’t! motorsport needs to massively change its approach to stay relevant for OEMs That’s valid from Formula E to Le Mans and F1.

Honda’s exit leaves F1 with only Mercedes, Ferrari, and Renault as power unit suppliers. The dreadful possibility is that beyond 2025, there may not be a P20 at all.

Honda has announced that the automobile industry itself is going through a once in a lifetime transformation. Therefore, they would be interested in investing all resources available on that front. Hence, they will not be looking ahead to stay in any form of racing. They will invest the resources gained into the process of carbon neutralization and other modern-era developments instead.

Although the company leaves the grid, it gives enough time to Red Bull and AlphaTauri to settle with a new power unit supplier. Under the current circumstances, it will be difficult to get a Mercedes or Ferrari. That leaves Renault and considering RBR and Renault’s connection, the plot would interest the press and social media.

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