“Not Very Gracious”: F1 Champ Unites with Max Verstappen to Brand Hamilton & Co. As Sore Losers after Wolff’s “Wikipedia” Insult

Published Sep 4, 2023 | 10:45 AM EDT

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It’s Max Verstappen bar none. The Dutchman has achieved the mega feat of winning 10 consecutive races. The 2023 Italian GP will forever be remembered as the home for Verstappen’s record-breaking win. A record that not many assumed would not be broken, especially not this soon. However, the Dutchman has done it with style and utter dominance. This feat, celebrated by many, received an insulting reception from Mercedes boss Toto Wolff. Perhaps still sour about the 2021 championship? Or can it be because even during their most dominant period, their star man, Lewis Hamilton, never came close to such a feat? Regardless of the reason, former champion Damon Hill blasted Wolff for his ungracious comment.

After Verstappen’s record-breaking win, Wolff was asked to comment on the mega achievement. However, Wolff did not even see it as an achievement. According to the Austrian, it was just another stat “for Wikipedia and nobody reads that anyway.” Damon Hill did not appreciate these comments, siding with Verstappen, and the former champion hit back at Hamilton and Co.

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It sounded a bit churlish and not very gracious,” the 1996 drivers’ world champion said as quoted by Mirror. “It’s unlike Toto because he’s usually very sporting. But he is hurting a bit now. They know what it is like to be dominant and they didn’t even get on the podium in Monza. They seem to be a bit stymied and can’t seem to work out what to do. But who can? It seems like everywhere we go, Red Bull has got the upper hand.”


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Not just Hill, many F1 entities are criticizing Hamilton and Co. for their comments. Among those, on top of the list is, of course, Red Bull’s Christian Horner.

Christian Horner defends his star man Max Verstappen against Lewis Hamilton and Co’s harsh assessments

Even before Wolff made the ungracious comment on Verstappen’s record-breaking win, the personal attacks were on. Before Wolff picked up the baton, it was Mercedes’s poster boy putting Verstappen down. Discrediting his achievements, Hamilton expressed his annoyance at the media for overselling Verstappen’s dominance over his teammate.


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Horner took the fight on Hamilton’s comments to hit back at the Brit.


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“He’s had different teammates, of course, and he’s always had the upper hand,” Horner said on Verstappen. “It’s not just about beating your teammates, but also the rest of the field. Max has clearly demonstrated what he is capable of, and some drivers will probably prefer not to race with him in one team.” 


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The British boss quickly discredited Hamilton for his petty comments. We now wait and see what he has to say about his arch nemesis, Toto Wolff’s insulting statement.

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