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In a sport like Formula 1, everyone has a very short-term memory. We consume breaking news every other day and move past it in a matter of weeks. However, the entire world of F1 is stuck on the Christian Horner saga despite it coming to light almost a month ago on 5th February. Everyone on the paddock is talking about it and patiently waiting for an update on the independent investigation Red Bull is conducting on the boss. However, due to its delayed nature, ex-boss Eddie Jordan is running out of patience, which he made evident in a statement.

The accusations came to light almost 22 days ago and while Horner was deposed on the same Friday by a third-party lawyer, Red Bull is yet to make a conclusive statement. The controversy has been stretched for weeks now and the opening race weekend is almost here. This delay made Eddie Jordan speak up and on the embarrassment not just for Horner but for the entire sport and the ongoing delay.

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“I’ve seen a lot of bad decisions,” the Irishman said, as quoted by F1 Maximaal. “But the situation at Red Bull is one of the most absurd things I have ever seen. Of course, Horner is initially assumed to be innocent, but does anyone seriously think that the employee made up the accusations and that they just came out of the blue?”


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Jordan sided with the female employee who accused the boss of “inappropriate behavior” which was initially understood to be because of an aggressive management style. However, since then, a lot more proof has come to light pointing toward sexual misconduct. Perhaps Jordan was unaware of the team’s decision to make a statement before the race weekend, regardless he felt like letting his feelings known.

However, what if the statement right before the opening race weekend is not in favor of Horner? Well, the entire world of F1 has cast their vote on his replacement and it’s unanimous.

Many F1 entities have recognized Christian Horner’s replacement at Red Bull

Christian Horner will be a big loss for F1 and especially Red Bull as they will lose their longest-serving and most loyal servant. However, the accusations surrounding him cannot be taken lightly and if found guilty; we don’t see a future for the Brit in the sport.


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If he is found guilty of the accused actions, the team will have no choice but to replace him and because of the timing of things, it will have to be a quick resolution. This is exactly why many believe Red Bull will take the route many other teams are taking and appoint an engineer as the team’s team principal and most have the same name on their mind, Jonathan Wheatley.


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Dutch racer Giedo van der Garde is also of the opinion and confessed, “There are quite a few guys under Christian Horner who are very good,” said Van der Garde. “Jonathan Wheatley is a really good guy. If Horner is kicked out, he will become the big boss.”


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Many believe the 56-year-old current sporting director at Red Bull would fill the shoes perfectly if push comes to shove. We are not sure which way the pendulum is going to swing but the patience is wearing thin and we can see. Let’s hope to find an answer soon.

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