GF Kelly Piquet Almost Left Max Verstappen in Tears After Heartwarming Footage Highlights Her Importance in F1 Champ’s Life

Published 09/01/2023, 7:30 AM EDT

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Drivers are the stars of the Formula 1 show. Without them, F1 wouldn’t be possible because it’s just that kind of sport. It’s not like anyone can just jump into an F1 car and do what these 20 drivers do throughout the year. Right now, Max Verstappen is the show’s brightest star, driving at a level that’s a cut above the rest.

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Even though the drivers are running the sport, a crucial part of their lives flies under the radar. The part about the influence and effect of the people closest to them, who support them no matter what. For Verstappen, one of those people is his girlfriend, Kelly Piquet.

Max Verstappen cherishes Piquet’s support


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F1 is a tough sport. Every race weekend, there’s just one winner, and everyone else is—like Verstappen’s father, Jos, says—a loser. The 25-year-old reigning champion hasn’t “lost” in a very long time. He’s on a nine-race winning streak and has won the past couple of drivers’ championships. He couldn’t have done it without Piquet’s support. At least, that was what it seemed like in an interview he recently gave. 


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The couple started dating in late 2020, right before one of the most challenging seasons Verstappen has had to race in. The 2021 championship battle against Lewis Hamilton was a proclamation that Verstappen had arrived. Piquet’s support throughout the season and beyond is a testament to just how much she’s been there for him.


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During his interview, the Dutchman talked about Piquet’s importance in his life. And just thinking about her effect on him and the love she’s brought into his life had him in tears.

With Max Verstappen Away From Home Predominantly, GF Kelly Piquet Draws Attention to “Tiring” Life Which Is Swept Under the Radar

To give fans a taste of her support, Instagram user ‘f1wizard’ created a montage of moments the pair have shared. From Piquet being on track for almost every race to the time they’ve spent together off-track, there are shots of all those moments.

Over the past three years, their relationship has blossomed in the most beautiful way possible. The best part is it isn’t just Piquet who’s had such a huge influence on Verstappen’s life. Her daughter, Penelope, is just as significant a part of the 25-year-old’s life. In fact, he’s already being called Penelope’s stepdad.

Verstappen has found “family” in Kelly and Penelope

In honor of Father’s Day this year, Verstappen was asked about his “stepdad” duties when it comes to Penelope. Whenever Verstappen gets downtime, one thing he loves engaging in is sim racing on his simulator back home. Although no one is allowed within a certain radius of the setup, Penelope is the only one who can penetrate it. Verstappen doesn’t even mind when she randomly comes up to him and gives him hugs and kisses.

While talking about this, Verstappen revealed, “Well, it’s a part of it all, isn’t it? No, for me, it’s really nice and sweet. And of course, those streams we do together, you need a lot less concentration for that. She just thinks like, ‘Fun! Screens! Steering wheel!’”


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Kelly and Penelope have been a breath of fresh air for Verstappen, and his mother, Sophia Kumpen, thinks so too. In an interview, she said, “They’ve created something like a little family. I think Max maybe missed that when he was young. I think that stability has also helped him, as he knows that someone is waiting for him at home. When you see how sweet he is to her child, but also for his sister, for me, he has his heart in the right place.”


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What changes have you seen in Max Verstappen ever since Kelly Piquet and Penelope came into his life?



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