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Another race, another win, and another record. That’s just how Max Verstappen likes to do things, especially in the 2023 season. The Dutchman has been utterly dominant throughout the season and there are no words to describe him. There are no words to describe his consistency, his domination, and his incredible output. Despite that, many do try to summarize the brilliance of the Red Bull man in a few words when truly a book can be written about what he’s achieving at such a young age. His girlfriend Kelly Piquet is also among the many who have now tried to summarize the Dutchman after the 2023 Mexican GP.

The entire world is in awe of Max Verstappen after his record-breaking win in Mexico. The Dutchman eclipsed his own record to set a new with which he just might extend before the season ends. For the unaware, Formula 1’s record for most race wins in a season was tired at 13 between Michel Schumacher and Sebastian Vettel. However, as we all know, Verstappen won an incredible 15 races last season to break the record and make his own.

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Many would’ve assumed he would not be able to achieve the same highs as last year or perhaps take the foot off the gas a little. However, the Max Verstappen of 2023 is more ruthless than ever. The 2023 Mexican GP marked Verstappen’s 16th race win of the season and we still have three races to go. The Dutchman could very well go on to win 19 races in a 22-race season.


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Now, what is one word you would use to describe this man? Unstoppable? That’s exactly what Kelly Piquet thought, too. Looking from afar, the Brazilian model girlfriend of Verstappen shared a photo of him on her Instagram story standing atop his car with the caption, “Unstoppable ⚡”

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We can’t help but agree. The man is a machine and with the machine underneath him; he has become unstoppable. To think Verstappen had doubts about the race starting from P3 makes us laugh now. However, there was one incident in the race that could’ve hampered his race and he was not pleased about it.

Max Verstappen makes a fiery statement mid-Mexican GP race which could’ve caused damage

The Mexican GP race, surprisingly, wasn’t marred with a lot of stoppages except one. We witnessed a mega crash with Kevin Magnussen at the wrong end of things as his Haas slipped and crashed into the barriers. The crash completely crushed the Haas challenger and even brought out some smoke which quickly turned into fire (nothing as bad as Romain Grosjean’s).

This incident, which was initially yellow-flagged, turned into red and Verstappen was not pleased about it.


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Verstappen expressed his annoyance with the red flag while creeping back into the pits for the restart procedures. He said, “That’s a joke. Red flag for what? I saw the car was a bit on fire, but it’s already all cleared.”

No one likes to dissolve the lead they have built from lap 1 in the middle of the race with a restart. So even though many might call Verstappen’s comments insensitive, there are some who would understand his frustration.


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Regardless, the red flag restart was inconsequential as the Dutchman got away well and got back in the lead which turned into a massive lead in the second time of asking as well. All’s well when that ends well.

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