Renault Now Have a Peculiar Way of Mocking Racing Point F1: A Forger Expressing His Art

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The coronavirus holds the entire world in its grasp and Formula 1 can’t get away from it. Renault F1 boss Cyril Abiteboul has communicated his disappointment with rival group Racing Point F1 2020 challenger, the RP20. He is asserting that the team is producing from other fruitful teams.

Renault F1 boss Cyril Abiteboul concedes he is as yet “pondering” about the lawfulness of Racing Point F1 ‘pink Mercedes’ vehicle.

The RP20 was met with analysis when it hit the track for the first time for pre-season testing in February. Rival groups were seeing its striking likeness to Mercedes’ 2019 titleholder, the W10.

The RP20 demonstrated an amazing pace directly from the beginning of the six-day test in Barcelona. The team was also feeling certain with its new vehicle coming into the season. However, Abiteboul is one of many team bosses that have been condemning their vehicle.

They’ve got great photographers, that’s for sure,” Abiteboul told Canal+. “Also, it’s worth noting the sort of honesty they’ve shown in admitting they copied.

“It’s sort of the first time. At least as far as I can remember since I’ve been in F1, that someone has been really proud of copying. It is like a forger expressing his satisfaction with his work. It’s not worth the original work of art or the pride of working on an original piece.”

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Abiteboul again questions the legality of Racing Point F1 RP20

The pink charger showed amazing speed at the Circuit de Catalunya, however, Racing Point F1 tech supervisor Andy Green was definitely not conciliatory for following a plan reasoning that without a doubt took its motivation from Mercedes’ 2019 Silver Arrow.

“The whole question is whether it’s possible to do such an accurate job that works so well solely on the basis of public information?” Abiteboul says.

“I won’t go any further at this stage, but it is certainly a question we’re pondering.”

Bits of gossip before long spread thus the group chose to head outside. Obviously, they hadn’t conversed with Mercedes and hadn’t replicated it actually, yet why built up another vehicle yourself when you can likewise take a gander at the best vehicle, Andrew Green said throughout the winter testing. So it copied the vehicle from Mercedes, yet with its own structures.

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