Reports Point Toward Troubling News for F1 Teams but Excitement for Fans for 2021

October 17, 2020 2:38 pm

F1 fans can consider themselves seriously lucky to have 17 races scheduled for 2020. At one point, it seemed as though the season could have been scrapped. So, kudos to the FIA for managing to get in almost an entire season of racing.

However, if reports are to be believed, there might be a lot more of F1 action in store for 2021.

Jennie Gow’s latest report is set to make F1 fans very happy indeed; although the teams might have a sour taste in their mouths.

In a Twitter post, she said, “I’m hearing 23 races for next season. Saudi Arabia comes in as a new race and there will be one short test in Bahrain ahead of the opening Oz GP in March. But let’s see what F1 announce in the next week.”

If this does turn out to be true and F1 decides to have 23 races for next year, they would have more than compensated for the lack of racing action until July.

A 23 race season would be a first in the history of the sport. The previous best for the highest number of Grands Prix in a season was during the 2016 campaign.

During that year, 22 races were held, starting from the Australian Grand Prix (20th March) and ending with the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix (27th November).

The 22 race season ended with the world seeing an all-new Championship winner in Nico Rosberg. Certainly, F1 fans wouldn’t mind seeing a new winner emerge next year too.

Saudi Arabia’s possible F1 debut

There have been rumors suggesting that the middle-eastern country could host a race next year. Now it looks like these rumors may well come to fruition.

The race will probably be held at the city circuit in Saudi Arabia’s second-largest city, Jeddah. Saudi Arabia’s long-term plans actually feature the facility in Qiddiya.

However, since that one is still under construction and will continue to be for a considerable amount of time, Jeddah will host the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix instead.

The country does have a fair amount of experience when it comes to hosting major motorsport events. They held a Formula E race in 2018 and two in 2019 in Ad Diriyah. Furthermore, they have also played host to 2020’s Dakar rally.

Vietnam too is set to make its F1 debut next year after it was postponed due to the pandemic. With so many Grands Prix making their way onto the calendar, which one are you the most excited about?

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