Robert Kubica Backs Max Verstappen Over Charles Leclerc for the World Championship

May 31, 2020 6:23 pm

While the likes of Lewis Hamilton and Sebastian Vettel dominated the last decade of F1, many predict the young guns to take over. Some experts believe the defining rivalry of F1 in the upcoming decade will involve Max Verstappen and Charles Leclerc. It’s hard to pick a clear favorite over the two, but former F1 driver Robert Kubica thinks its Verstappen who’ll clinch the crown first.

Kubica bets on Max Verstappen

Verstappen and Leclerc rarely engage in wheel to wheel racing, but when they do it’s something else. The hunger, the youth, and the aggression results in a racing spectacle like no other. The pair’s battle from Silverstone last year stands out as the most exhilarating on-track battle from 2019.

They weren’t quite in Championship winning machines last season but Ferrari and Red Bull are gnawing away at Mercedes. Finger crossed, we get a three-way battle for the World Championship between the “Big 3” of F1 very soon.

Judging by stats alone, Verstappen leads Leclerc 8 wins to 2. But one can’t ignore the fact that Charles stepped into a competitive car only last year. Moreover, he’s only had 2 seasons in F1, compared to Max, who’s a lot more experienced.

One can’t help but hand the advantage to Max to break Mercedes’ winning streak. He’ s been in sublime form as of late and the Dutchman could very well clinch Red Bull’s first title in a long time.

Kubica also believes the Dutch star holds the edge for now. Speaking to Corriere Della Sera, Robert said:

“I think Max is very intelligent, ready to win a World Cup, nothing but impetuosity and enthusiasm. It remains to be seen how he will behave fighting for a title, but I would immediately bet on world champion Verstappen.

‘Leclerc could have won his second race in Ferrari in Bahrain. Anyone who has been surprised by his performance means that he understands little about drivers. It was normal that someone like Charles had problems with Vettel. “

One thing is certain, the future of F1 is in safe hands. With drivers like Russell, Albon, and Norris-who have the right spirit of competition and attitude, the next era is sure to be an exciting one.

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