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Robert Kubica Praises Alfa Romeo and Takes a Cheeky Dig at Williams F1 yet Again

Robert Kubica Praises Alfa Romeo and Takes a Cheeky Dig at Williams F1 yet Again

On Wednesday, the Barcelona circuit held further tests before the beginning of the new Formula 1 season. Robert Kubica partook in the test. He sat in the driver’s seat of the Alfa Romeo Racing Orlen C39. The morning session with a Pole endured from 9 Am to 1 Pm.

Robert Kubica topped the timesheet on Wednesday morning at 2nd F1 Pre-season testing at the track in Barcelona. The Polish driver, at the outset, had plenty of issues with his Alfa Romeo C39. However, after some time he started to get good lap times.

Although, the Pole didn’t begin the morning session on a great note. In the third part of one of the laps, he lost control of the vehicle and turned it hard.

Afterward, for quite a while, he occupied the last eighth spot among drivers. Everything changed in the second part of the session. Kubica stunned everybody at that point and made an astounding time at 1: 16.942. He broke records in the first and second sectors. It unquestionably gave him a success toward the beginning of the day.

Robert Kubica is happy with Alfa Romeo F1

Despite topping the morning session at the start of the second Formula 1 pre-season test, Robert Kubica says he takes little satisfaction from the headlines as he completes his stint testing for Alfa Romeo.

It doesn’t really matter a lot, what matters is the feeling in the car,” Kubica said.

He added “When you lap two or three seconds faster than what you were doing until last week, the feeling in the car, is reflecting how good everything in the car is, how the car is performing.”

“The fact is last year you could find me first from the bottom of the time sheets, but that doesn’t really matter. What matters is the feeling, we had quite a good day, with quite a few interesting things we can now go through, comparing the data with my feeling,” Kubica explained.

He even said “People think that the faster you go, the harder it gets. I would be lying to say that making times 1:17 this year is easier than doing 1:19 last year.

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