Ross Brawn Reveals Fan Favorite Tracks Could be Making a Return in F1 2020

June 9, 2020 7:22 pm

Last week, F1 confirmed the first 8 races of the 2020 calendar and where they were to be held. All the 8 races confirmed thus far are in Europe. Yesterday, Mercedes team principal, Toto Wolff hinted at the possibility of having races in the Middle East, at the end of this year. However, that hasn’t been confirmed as of yet. Instead, for now, Formula One is looking at the possibility of having a few more races in Europe.

F1 managing director, Ross Brawn confirms that they are looking at having more races in Europe

Ross Brawn was interviewed by He said, “Now that no fans are allowed to go to the races, the model becomes very different from normal. This, of course, means that there are more circuits that qualify for a place on the calendar. You have Mugello, Hockenheim, Imola, and Jerez. These are places where you can race and where we can watch.”

Furthermore, he said, “All those races can be captured in a reasonably short period of time, because without fans there is no sale. A permanent circuit is also perfect for this situation because you don’t have much work to get it ready for a race. In that respect, there are a lot of options in Europe where we can race.”

If there are indeed more races planned for Europe, that can only mean that the FIA is trying their level best, to get as long a season as it possibly can. Since most races will take place in Europe, teams and drivers won’t have a hectic travel schedule as well. It also means that they will be well-rested, and fresh in time for the next race.

Nevertheless, F1 fans won’t care where the races are going to be held, as long as they get races. Having race weekends every week would certainly be awesome, from a fan’s perspective, wouldn’t it? Boy, this is shaping up to be an intense and exciting season!

Ronan Carvalho

Ronan Carvalho is an F1 writer for EssentiallySports, he is an F1 enthusiast and a big fan of Kimi Raikkonen. Ronan is currently pursuing his undergraduate degree in BMM at St Xavier's College (Mumbai).

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