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Russian GP: Sebastian Vettel Cheekily Calls Out F1 for its Infamous Track Limits

Published 09/23/2021, 3:57 PM EDT

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The F1 driver press conferences are underway, marking the beginning of the Russian GP weekend. In addition to serious conversations about the upcoming race ahead, drivers also tend to joke around and have their fun as well. As former teammates Kimi Raikkonen and Sebastian Vettel unite, Vettel took up the role of the funny guy.

Fan questions bring out the best in drivers; a fan had the question, “Can drivers eat ice cream?” In all its innocence, Vettel answered, “It’s going to be difficult in the car.” When further asked about his inclination towards sweets, the champion joked: “It depends what you like. No restrictions, no limits, only track limits!”


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After having many roles apart from being a Formula 1 driver, it looks like we have a new Vettel at Sochi – the joker! Having renewed his contract with Aston Martin, Vettel has a massive race ahead of him at the Russian GP.

Sebastian Vettel looking forward to Russian GP

A challenging circuit awaits the drivers on Friday as the tarmac of the Sochi Autodrom gets ready for action. A highly technical circuit, Vettel is up for the challenge.


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Explaining the intricacies of the track, Vettel explains: “Sochi is almost the opposite of Monza: plenty of corners and a constant challenge. There are some high-speed sections, and a huge main straight, but the slow, technical corners mean you need a good set-up if you’re going to feel comfortable across the weekend.”


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With a good idea of how to attack the race ahead of him, Sebastian Vettel hopes to bring home points. “We’ll be looking to maximize every lap on track and then fight for points on Sunday.”


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While crashes at the circuit are a familiar occurrence for the driver, one can hope Vettel’s luck changes. A three-time podium sitter and a pole sitter at Sochi, Vettel knows the circuit well. However, the question arises whether the four-time champion will replicate the results in an Aston Martin car. Nonetheless, a top 10 finish is expected from the driver.

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