Sebastian Vettel as a Team Principal? Former F1 driver Thinks It’s Possible

May 23, 2020 7:38 pm

Former F1 driver David Coulthard believes Sebastian Vettel should consider a role outside of driving in F1. Coulthard’s advice to the 4 times World Champion is to take up a role at Aston Martin with Lawrence Stroll. Seb has a keen eye for the workings of an F1 car and coupled with his experience, an operational role at a works F1 team sounds lucrative.

As things stand, Sebastian Vettel doesn’t have a contract for 2021. With the top teams seemingly out of grasp, Vettel’s only hope of driving in F1 is with a midfield car. However, at this stage of his career, it’s unlikely for the German to consider toughing it out in the midfield over a few points.

But Seb doesn’t necessarily have to disappear from the sport altogether. He brings in a wealth of experience and is one of the sharpest drivers on the grid. Attributes that are very enticing for a certain British manufacturer that’s returning to F1 next season.  However, he won’t be driving as the team is sticking to its current lineup for the foreseeable future.

Lawrence Stroll’s made it clear many times. Aston Martin is in it to win it. As a result, the Canadian billionaire has lofty ambitions for the Aston Martin and he’s not looking to hang around in the midfield. Having someone like Vettel oversee the operations of the team in a higher capacity is a viable prospect. Who knows, Seb may even end up team principal at the British team.

Coulthard thinks Vettel has a lot of “leftfield” options in F1. Speaking to the F1 Nation podcast, David said:

“Does [Vettel] go to Aston Martin?”

“Take a shareholding and [start] another phase of his career, which could be an option, could be something a bit leftfield.

“There’s so many interesting things that could come into play, and one of them could well be: Lawrence Stroll’s got big designs of future success for Aston Martin, and at this stage of his career [Vettel] could well be a brilliant asset in a team like that, in terms of knowledge and experience of Red Bull, knowledge and experience of Ferrari”

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