Sebastian Vettel Open to Becoming Team Principal as He Reveals “a Long Term Goal”

October 8, 2020 1:09 pm

Sebastian Vettel will get a breath of fresh air when he moves to Aston Martin next season, but he is yet to reveal his long-term plan. During a podcast, Vettel revealed that he was open to playing the role of a team principal following his retirement from racing.

Vettel was asked about his long-term goals in general. “Happiness. Sounds dull, but I think it is the long-term goal,” said the German while speaking in F1’s Beyond the Grid. “Obviously, short term, I am changing team next year, getting a bit more back on the track.”

As much as it is difficult to expect things, I obviously have things in my head and in my mind that I want to achieve and I measure myself against. I think that’s normal, also being competitive, that’s normal. But being happy, growing learning and basically never stop learning.”

Formula One F1 – Russian Grand Prix – Sochi Autodrom, Sochi, Russia -Ferrari’s Sebastian Vettel during practice. Pool via REUTERS/Maxim Shemetov

Vettel was asked if there were any possibilities that F1 could see him running a Formula 1 team. He said, “I’m quite open to a lot of things. So ‘maybe’ is the answer. But, equally, it could be absolutely not because I’ve fell in love with something else, like Jody [Scheckter].”

Not saying I’m gonna do that, but that’s why ultimately it’s being happy, being content with who you are, which is easy to say but more difficult to achieve,” the Ferrari driver said.

Vettel will race in front of his home fans this weekend at Nurburgring. Though his car is not as fast as he would have hoped for, the fact that this is his home race could hopefully give a boost to his confidence.

Being Happy is my Long-Term Goal: Sebastian Vettel

Vettel revealed that his goal is all about being satisfied with his life. He said, “How many do you know when you talk to them or when you ask them ‘how are you?’ and then say ‘I’m fine’ they actually are generally happy with their lives.” 

The interviewer asked Vettel how he was to which he replied, “I’m fine, I’m brilliant. I also have my struggles and my problems and my worries. We are human but that would be the goal if you meet me in, I don’t know, in 30 years that I can say I’m satisfied.”

The former four-time World Champion has kept his options open at the moment. If things go well for the German, the fans could see him play the role of a team principal.

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