Sebastian Vettel : Schumacher Blasts Ferrari F1 for Poor Communication During the Spanish Grand Prix

August 19, 2020 9:25 am

Rancid relationship between Sebastian Vettel and Ferrari has made the news once again. In the recently concluded Spanish Grand Prix, a miscommunication sparked off the ignition. Argument regarding the racing strategy found the driver and the crew members existing on opposite poles. However, Vettel undertakes the risk and finishes off with his best results this season in the 7th position. Even though the incident might’ve gone unnoticed to many, Ralf Schumacher openly criticized the Ferrari team for the happening.

Why was Sebastian Vettel annoyed?

While on the 46th lap, Sebastian Vettel was asked to speed up. Three laps down, he was asked whether he’d be able to continue with the same set of tires. The crew members were on the receiving end of Vettel’s harsh words. Even though it is the duty of the race strategist to draw the possibilities, Vettel had to decide himself in the middle of the race how to proceed. He takes up the decision to end the race with the same set of tires two laps later. Finishing the race at 7th was not enough to hide the fact that the messed up strategy put him off.

He didn’t understand at all what Sebastian wanted, not even at the end. Either it’s because he doesn’t speak much English or Seb should have learned Italian … “ exclaimed Ralf Schumacher.

Schumacher’s viper lashed out at Ferrari citing the miscommunication between the two parties. His words were directed towards Riccardo Adami- Vettel’s racing engineer. However, Inaki Rueda is the strategist and any miscommunication in conveying the race strategies holds his shortcoming.

In Formula 1, one needs to be constantly being in touch with the crew to get the necessary updates. Taking a dig at Ferrari’s recent horrendous state in the tracks, Schumacher completely nails Ferrari for the lack of communication.

Sorry, Ferrari, that doesn’t work at all. A team fighting for the World Cup that doesn’t even manage to communicate properly. “

With speculation of Vettel leaving Ferrari before the season ends rising each day, these incidents only fire up the rumors. Moreover, with repeating instances first at Silverstone and then again in Spain, a move away from Ferrari won’t be surprising.

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