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Shocking Past Breaks the Internet as Max Verstappen’s GF Kelly Piquet Plays Lewis Hamilton Fan Girl

Published 09/27/2023, 5:00 AM EDT

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The F1 fandom had quite the day when an old Instagram notification revved up their timelines. Turns out, Kelly Piquet, the current flame of Max Verstappen, was rooting for none other than–wait for it–Lewis Hamilton 260 weeks ago! Talk about digging up the archives!

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Kelly had dropped some fiery fists 👊👊👊👊👊👊👊 on a Lewis Hamilton post back in the day. And you guessed it, the Internet had its say!

via Imago

The post in question showcased a suave Hamilton, leaning confidently against a Mercedes engineer’s chair who seemed to be working on something, catching the glint of the car behind. The aesthetics of the post were pure Hamilton – classy, with a touch of flamboyance.


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Among the sea of comments from fans and fellow racers was that of Kelly Piquet. The fiery fists 👊👊👊👊👊👊👊 were a clear mark of admiration or encouragement. Maybe both? It was a simpler time, perhaps. A time when everyone seemed a bit more relaxed and openly appreciative of their contemporaries.

But who can stop the fans from blurting out the most appropriate (and some not at all appropriate) comments? Here are some of the sane ones…

Fans go all out, leaving no chapter unturned in the lives of Kelly Piquet, her BF Max Verstappen and Sir Lewis Hamilton

“She really said don’t let your bf stop you from finding your husband,” joked a fan. A little savage, but hey, it’s the internet, right?

Now, we all know Brazilians have a soft spot for Hamilton. “Brazilians love him, we know that right,” one fan remarked. No lies detected.


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Another chimed in with a hilarious universal truth, “2 undisputed facts 1. Everyone is a Ferrari fan 2. Everyone is an LH44 fan. The rest are semantics.” Can we get a checkmark on that?

And don’t get us started on that meme-worthy comment about Lewis showing the engineers his car design. “Maybe she found it funny, the confused look on the engineer’s face when Lewis showed him what he thought the car should look like.” Well, Lewis does keep everyone on their toes!

One user summed up the general sentiment nicely: “Everybody is a Lewis Hamilton fan, even if she’s Max’s gf.” Ouch, a little burn there.

A particular Stefanie seemed to be enjoying the scene, with someone urging, “Keep going Stefanie.” Stef, you’ve got fans!


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But the prize for the best roast? “Looks like Max was only plan C.” Internet, you’ve done it again!


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Stay tuned, folks. Who knows what the next race will dig up–both on and off the track! Until then, keep those seatbelts fastened. 🏁🔥🍿

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