Anyone who thought that Formula 1’s silly season was just about the drivers, well, today’s events must’ve changed their minds. In a span of just a few hours, the entire management world of F1 was turned upside down with three shock F1 team principal announcements. But does this team principal market shakedown bring with it a shock Lando Norris defection, too?

Andreas Seidl was instrumental in McLaren’s success after a disastrous few years with Honda and then Renault. And from the look of things, Seidl was a key, and permanent, part of McLaren’s championship framework. But it all unraveled when Seidl shocked the Woking-based outfit with his intention to leave just before being announced as Sauber’s new CEO.


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But the way he left is more cause for concern for McLaren. Seidl didn’t even acknowledge his former team in the statement he released earlier today. He said, “It is great to join the Sauber Group from January. I want to thank Finn Rausing and everyone at the Sauber Group for their choice: I am looking forward to repaying their trust with my work.”

Will Norris also ditch McLaren in light of Seidl’s departure?

Murmurs around the F1 community say that Seidl lost faith in the project. And as it turns out, Norris hasn’t exactly been appreciative of the team’s efforts and fortunes, too. He recently told Sky, “If I think of before this season, did we achieve in 2022 what we should have done as McLaren? Honestly, it’s no.” 

Could this mean Norris is also looking to back out of his long-term commitment to the team?

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The Brit also took to social media to share a touching yet cryptic tribute for his now-former boss. “Farewell Andreas! It’s been mega working with you these last few years. I’ve never seen our team looking as strong as it is now and some of that is credit to the work you’ve done. Best of luck in the new job mate, I’m sure I’ll see you around.”

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It’s no secret that he’s held talks with a certain top team before. Maybe Seidl’s departure was just the push he needed to seek newer pastures elsewhere. If Norris is up for grabs, then there are definitely plenty of takers.

Is Lando Norris to Red Bull a real prospect?


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Norris is one of the hottest properties in Formula 1 right now. A testament to this is the fact that McLaren fought tooth-and-nail with a team like Red Bull to secure Norris on a long-term deal. But as of today, things have changed. But the possibility of seeing Norris in Milton-Keynes stays as strong, if not stronger, than ever.

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Red Bull boss Christian Horner recently revealed, “We’ve talked to Lando a couple of times over the years, but every time we’ve had a conversation, he’s signed a contract with McLaren the next day. He’s on a long-term contract with McLaren and it looks like he’s going to be there a few more years.”


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Horner may have predicted back in February, when Norris signed the deal, that the Brit would remain in Woking for the considerable future. But with what’s unfolded since, there’s no doubt Norris is back on his speed dial once again.