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Formula 1, as a sport, is at the forefront of utilizing cutting-edge technology. As a result, the sport requires deep pockets and heavy investments. In the past, we’ve seen teams struggle with the monetary upkeep of the game. Even today, teams like Williams and Haas are sailing in rough seas financially. On the flip side, however, the sport has moved a lot towards a more corporate structure of late.

That is to say, the teams that compete in the sport aren’t sole proprietorships like in the past. This has allowed a team like Red Bull, backed by its parent organization, the Energy Drinks conglomerate, to find itself in a uniquely advantageous position in the sport, with the avenue of having two teams on the grid. The primary team is based out in Milton-Keynes, whilst the sister team, AlphaTauri, is based in Faenza, Italy.

Is Red Bull considering selling AlphaTauri?


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Even though the Bulls have used its sister team as a testing ground for their young talents in the past, it would appear that the geographical separation may have taken a toll on the British outfit. A big change is afoot at the team after its owner, Dietrich Mateschitz, sadly passed away last year. Now, under the new stewardship of Oliver Mintzlaff, the team may ditch their tried and tested two-team approach. But Red Bull’s apparent loss may come as a blessing in disguise for a certain American racing entrepreneur.

According to Auto Motor und Sport, Red Bull may decide to sell AlphaTauri, the namesake of its $19.8 million generating fashion brand, if they fail to relocate the team from Italy to England.

“Red Bull is considering two solutions for AlphaTauri: an outright sale of the team, with three candidates currently showing an interest in acquiring the outfit, and a relocation of AlphaTauri to the UK. The latter would allow for more synergies with Red Bull Racing, which would automatically lower the costs of operating AlphaTauri.” But that isn’t all!

Amongst the probable buyers floating around, prime contenders are none other than Andretti. AMuS reports, “Three names that have filed an expression of interest with the FIA for entering F1 that have also shown an interest in acquiring AlphaTauri: Andretti Global, Hitech GP and Mumbai Racing.”

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Andretti has left no stone unturned to their foot in the door at F1. And if you ask them, it’s about time F1 fulfilled that American dream.

Andretti takes a dig at American rivals as the Red Bull deal inches closer


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If you really think about it, F1 does have a bona fide American team in the shape of Haas. Even though they are based out of Kannapolis in North Carolina, their DNA is a bit varied. They have an Italian power unit supplier with a dedicated factory in Banbury, UK. This is exactly what Michael Andretti used to lay his F1 cards on the table.

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He told Total Motorsport, “We haven’t seen a fully-fledged American team since Dan Gurney’s All-American Racers, so why not embrace it? The US fan base is so strong. Let’s have a team that represents this country properly. These ingredients should be a positive aspect of F1.”


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If the Red Bull deal materializes, will you be happy to see AlphaTauri go for an Andretti F1 team?