Sly Lewis Hamilton Sneaks in Quick Jab at Toto While Lathering Mercedes F1 Boss With Praise

Published 05/26/2022, 6:30 PM EDT

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The 2022 season hasn’t gone according to the plans of the Mercedes F1 team. However, the dip in performance this season can’t overshadow their achievement over the past eight years. Team principal Toto Wolff is one of the key figures behind the dominance of the Silver Arrows.

Wolff got Lewis Hamilton from the McLaren in 2013. Since then, the two have worked together to become one of the strongest teams in F1. Under Wolff’s guidance, the German constructors became the eight-time world champions, while Hamilton became the seven-time world champion.


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Hamilton and Wolff no longer share a relationship of a boss and driver but are also good friends. They have faced many challenges together to become the team they are now. But Hamilton is still shocked to see his Austrian boss and his competitiveness.

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Hamilton said, “Toto is such hard work. I’m kidding. He is an incredible boss and also, I would say, a friend. Toto is a crazy competitor, and the huge mountains we climbed together. And he’s still learning, and still hungry and still wanting to be better everyday. That’s a leader.”

George Russell admires the Mercedes boss Wolff

The young Brit joined the Brackley base this season. But George Russell knows Wolff from an early age, as Russell is a product of the Mercedes junior program. George remembers seeing Toto since the Austrian was taller than him, and now they are nearly the same height.

The 24-year-old looks up to the Mercedes team principal. George said, “Toto is extraordinary in how passionate he is for racing, and he is a true racer. It is exactly what we need for the Mercedes team.”


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Wolff has a close relationship with both his drivers Hamilton and Russell. Their relationship is helping their team go through the rough 2022 season as the Mercedes duo is struggling in the 2022 challenger. The W13 had significant porpoising issues.

So, the team has been developing a solution to eliminating the porpoising. It seems the latest upgrades helped a lot in Spanish GP. Russell went up to finish P3 in Barcelona, while Hamilton finished P5 after the clash with Kevin Magnussen, leading him to drop positions.


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The Silver Arrows are getting back to their winning form, but it would be too early to say they can compete at the front. But let’s see what Wolff has in store for the Monaco GP.



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