“Some of the Teams Have not Done as Good a Job as They Should Have Done” – Racing Point

By 3 months ago

The BWT Racing Point Formula 1 team has come under fire recently, owing to their copycat Mercedes. However, technical director Andy Green failed to understand the reason for the complaints.

Admittedly, Racing Point flexed their muscles during pre-season testing programme and grabbed plenty of eyeballs. Apparently, the team wanted to replicate the aerodynamic philosophy of the 2019 Mercedes W10. It was a controversial approach, and it definitely caught the attention of their closest rivals.

“I don’t know what they’ve got to complain about,” Green told the media. “What we’ve done is completely legal, what we’ve done is racing with the rules that are written. That’s the idea of the game, you are given a set of rules and you go as fast as you can.”

He didn’t know why other teams have not explored Racing Point’s route. However, he acknowledged that it was their decision. The rival F1 teams had a chance to do the same thing. However, they chose not to not explore that avenue and go in a different direction.

According to Green, the Silverstone-based team wanted to try this cloning experiment for a while. Sadly, they lacked the budget until Lawrence Stroll and his consortium stepped in.

The Racing Point technical director was actually glad that their rivals are talking about them. He surmised that it was a sign that they are doing something right. On the other hand, if the team was languishing at the back, nobody would really kick up a fuss.

The Racing Point drivers are happy

Mexican driver Sergio Perez was extremely happy with the RP20. He dubbed it as the ‘best car he has ever driven in his career’. Furthermore, Green got a little cheeky. He suggested that the team’s rivals have not done a good enough job themselves.

He highlighted the teams’ Force India days, where they finished in 4th place in back-to-back years. In addition to that, the team had next to no money at all, owing to Vijay Mallya’s issues.

He concluded, “For people to think to take a team like that and inject money and resource into it and it wasn’t going to improve, I think that’s naive. I think they just haven’t stepped up to the plate.

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