Mattia Binotto Reacts as Sebastian Vettel Says His Opinion is No Longer Important to Ferrari

By 4 months ago

Sunday was not a particularly successful day for Scuderia Ferrari. Charles Leclerc spun on the penultimate corner and had to retire soon after. However, it wasn’t all bad for the Maranello outfit as Sebastian Vettel managed to finish 7th.

Unfortunately, things got a little rocky between the German driver and the Scuderia Ferrari team during the race. This was largely due to their opposing views on the strategy and the mixed messages from Ferrari.

As it turned out, the team initially told him to push hard in the closing stages, before changing their minds later.

Once the race concluded, he spoke to Sky Italia and declared, “My opinion is no longer important. Apart from everything, the car is what it is, we are trying to do our best, it’s a tough season for everyone.”

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Ferrari was not pleased with Sebastian Vettel for his comments

Naturally, no F1 team likes to get criticized or called out by its own drivers. This goes double for a team of Ferrari’s caliber and history.

In light of this, Team Principal Mattia Binotto responded to Vettel’s remarks. Binotto said, “It is in line with his disappointment of not being part of Ferrari in 2021. He will no longer give advice for the future.

“He is working hard, relations are good and the weekend was decent. His race was good, he took a step forward and in Spa he should be in better spirits.”

One has to wonder if Sebastian Vettel will actually last the season, at this rate. At first, some believed that his lackluster performances would see him pack his bags early.

This time though, if Vettel believes that fine words butter no parsnips, there is a possibility that the team may get fed up with his critical nature.

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